When out on the trail, the equipment you have along is all you have to rely on until you get back to the comfort and safety of your home. It is up to you to determine the essential equipment you bring along to make your hike comfortable and safe. Failing to bring along the right gear may mean a miserable experience or worse.

As field-testers, the reviews we have provided are based on our own experiences and represent an unbiased account of the gear we use and trust. 

If you are a retailer or manufacturer and would like us to field-test your gear please drop us an email at explore@trailhiking.com.au

Check out our Field Tests and Gear Reviews and feel free to leave your comments so that they may benefit others.


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  1. G’day hikers…love hiking and have several spine herniated disks. I’ve looked on this great website for monowalker/hiking trailers, unable to find any. Is this an unpopular choice, or not permitted. Also I’d dearly love to match my freshwater flyfishing with hiking. Is there any blogs or similar that culminates the two? Cheers Darrell (Hervey Bay)

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