Preparing to Hike Trail Hiking Australia

Want to go Hiking but don’t know where to start?

Live by the motto ‘Be Prepared’. Preparing to hike will save your life.

Preparing to Hike is the most important aspect of hiking in Australia. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a half hour stroll or a multi-day trek, the principles are still the same. Plan your hike thoroughly, get fit for hiking and take with you the skills and gear that you’ll need to survive the adventure, plus a few extra items to ensure that you can make it back if things don’t go according to plan. While there is no universal checklist that applies to every hike there are certain basics that you should familiarise yourself with when you are preparing to hike.

The following pages cover a few topics that I consider when preparing to hike. I hope they help you on your next adventure.


Hiking Food

Hiking Food for Day and Overnight Hikes Food is the main energy source for both exercise and maintaining body temperature,
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grading your hikes trail hiking australia

Hike Grading System

Hike Grading System in Australia In March 2011 the Council of Bushwalking Australia endorsed the Australian Walking Track Grading System
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Time and Distance Planning

How long does it take to hike from A to B? On any hike it is important that you know
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Benefits of Hiking Trail Hiking Australia

The Benefits of Hiking

The Many Benefits of Hiking Hiking is a great way to get in touch with nature and to get a
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Plan your Hike

Plan every hike as though it is your first It doesn’t matter if you are going for a half hour
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They provide guidance to enjoy our natural world in a sustainable way

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace When you Go Hiking The Leave No Trace Seven Principles are the bedrock of the Leave No
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Hiking Tips Trail Hiking Australia

Hiking Tips

Hiking Tips for more enjoyable experience I have gathered a few Hiking Tips along the trail and thought I would
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Get Fit for Hiking

Get Fit for Hiking Are you trying to Get Fit for Hiking? If you exercise regularly, you may be ready
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Hiking Skills Trail Hiking Australia

Hiking Skills

Keen to develop your Hiking Skills? One of the things I love most about hiking is the feeling or remoteness.
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Get Fit for Trekking

Are you wanting to Get Fit for Trekking? If you are preparing for a trek, whether it is Everest Base
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Let someone know before you go

Let someone know before you go

Here's some information and safety tips to help you plan your hike. Let someone know before you go and always ...
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Plan your hike like your life depends on it – because it does

Plan your hike like your life depends on it – because it does

It’s an alarming fact, in Australia there's at least one bush rescue every day. Plan your hike so you and ...
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Ten Tips for Wilderness First Aiders

You or a hiking buddy get hurt. Sit back, relax and call 000. It wont be long before help arrives ...
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Think before you TREK – stay safe in NSW national parks

Think before you TREK – stay safe in NSW national parks

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is encouraging all park visitors planning a remote adventure or multi-day walk this ...
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A Beginner’s Guide To Hiking

Want to go Hiking but don't know where to start? This beginners guide to hiking can help you prepare for ...
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Trail Etiquette

Following a few interesting experiences on the trail, I came to realise that a lot of people have either forgotten ...
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Plan to Survive Your Hike Trail Hiking Australia

Plan to Survive Your Hike

We don't all have to be experts to be safe in the bush. Here's how to Plan to Survive Your ...
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The Ten Essentials Trail Hiking Australia

The Ten Essentials

The Ten Essentials are survival items that hiking and Scouting organisations recommend for safe travel in the bush. The Ten Essentials first appeared in print in the ...
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Hike in a group

Hike in a group where possible. It is a good idea to always have at least one other person with ...
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Hike at a Safe Pace

Hike at a safe pace - especially uphill - where you’re not pushing your heart or respiratory rates into the red zone, and take ...
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Make an early start

Make an early start. Hike as much as possible of each day’s distance in the cool hours of morning (or evening), ...
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Plan your hike for the slowest person

Plan your hike for the slowest person. One that is suitable for everyone in your party and let the slower person ...
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Tips on Choosing a Campsite

Established camp grounds or caravan parks are great for offering the creature comforts like electrical power, running water, bathrooms, and ...
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Keeping Your Hiking Group Together

Leading a hike is not always as simple as strapping on your pack and expecting the rest of the group ...
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Hiking Solo

Is Hiking Solo for You? Human's are social animals and most of us want nothing more than to be surrounded ...
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Be a Better Hiker with these Six Tips

1. Use a smaller pack. While you may need a 70-litre-plus pack for skiing or snowshoeing, by judicious gear selection, ...
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While these articles are by no means conclusive I hope they provide you with the general idea that preparing to hike is the single most important aspect of anything you do.

I have also gathered a few hiking tips along the trail and have summarised them here as a quick reference for you. These are some of the most important hints and tips I can offer to help you better enjoy your hiking experience. If you have any great tips please feel free to comment.

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