How to make your outdoor experience more comfortable

Taking a trip into the wild can get a little uncomfortable at times. The good news is, with a couple of extra additions to your packing list, you can maximise your comfort. Here are our top ideas for making the outdoors your home.

Hiking and Adventure

Hydration on the Go: Consider carrying a hydration pack on your hiking, cycling and running adventures rather than a regular water bottle. A hydration pack will keep you hydrated without making you stop to take out your bottle.

Don’t get Weighed Down: When you’re out working up a sweat, the last thing you want to be wearing is heavy, thick clothing. Pack some lightweight clothing and gear that won’t weigh you down and will let your skin breathe. If it’s cold, wear layers so you can remove them as your body gets warmer and have them on hand again when you cool down.

Support Your Back: When choosing a pack, make sure you pick one with a proper support system for your back. This will not only improve your comfort while hiking, but will reduce sore muscles when you go to bed.


The Art of Sleeping: Add a sleeping mat to your packing list when you go camping to stay comfortable and warm. A sleeping mat helps to add some extra padding to your bedding, as well as providing extra warmth during a cold night outside so you are not sleeping directly on the cold, hard ground. If you’re struggling to choose one, read our guide for choosing a sleeping mat. Avoid sore neck muscles with an air pillow – it won’t take up much room but it will provide much needed comfort. Last but not least, choose a sleeping bag that is the right height for you.

Eat Well: Grab yourself a cooking system for your meals at night. Not only will you be able to cook some great meals quickly from the comfort of your campsite, but you will also be able to easily boil water for a relaxing cup of tea or coffee, or for washing up if you need.

Make a Portable Fridge: Pack an esky with some frozen water bottles to keep your perishables cold during the first couple of days of your trip. This will give you a larger range of meal options and will keep your water supply chilled until you are ready to drink it.

Take a Hammock: If you’re going on a short outdoor trip, a hammock helps you pack light and still get a great night’s sleep. Pack a tarp and a mosquito net for shelter and protection in case you need it.


Stay Connected: If you get a little bit uncomfortable when your phone or camera dies, take a Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit with you. When fully charged, this device will repower your phone 2-3 times. Not only that, but the kit is weatherproof, durable and compact.

Pack First Aid: In the outdoors, a cut or blister can become very uncomfortable without proper treatment. Make sure you pick up a First Aid Kit or check your existing one and top up anything that needs replacing.

Sun Protection: Be sun smart and take a hat, sunscreen and UV protective clothing to avoid sunburn. Just in case you do experience a kiss from the sun, pack some aloe vera or another sunburn relief treatment.

Take your comfort up a level in the outdoors with these simple tips. It doesn’t take much to maximise your comfort but it can make a big difference to your experience. Get out there and enjoy your adventure.

Contributed by: Mountain Designs

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