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Flying drones in parks and reserves

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There seems to be much confusion around the legalities of flying drones in public parks and reserves. It is easy to understand why confusion exists as the policies and regulations are not straightforward. I’ve broken…

Darl Bars

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Darl Bars are handmade with activated, slow roasted chickpeas, organic seeds, and fragrant spice blends. They are baked with a touch of organic brown rice syrup and macadamia oil to create a soft, melt in…

Satellite Communicators Compared

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There are dozens of options for portable satellite communicators so which one is right for you? Iv’e checked out some of the most popular ones for hiking, bushwalking and trail running; the Garmin inReach, SPOT…

Think before you geotag your hikes

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When you’re choosing which images to share with your world, think about what impact you may unintentionally be causing to the environment. I’ve decided what I’ll do to reduce my footprint on the places I…

Handy hiking hints

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As an experienced hiker, I’ve put together the top hiking hints for beginners so that you can get out there confidently too. It’s all about taking that first step out of your comfort zone and…

Stay on route

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Using your compass to orient yourself and your map and then identifying objects on the map in your real world will keep you going the right direction.

Trip Report – South West Cape Trek

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The South West Cape trek in Tasmania is a walk for experienced trekkers only. It requires some navigational skills and map contour reading,  and bush-bashing through dense scrub, thick forest, multiple creek crossings, and mud,…

7 Tips for hiking with your kids

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The outdoors can be fun and exciting, especially with your children. If you like hiking, you can share that experience with your family. However, hiking with kids takes a lot of planning and consideration.

Think before you TREK

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NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is encouraging all park visitors planning a remote adventure or multi-day walk this year to Think Before You TREK.

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