Hiking Food

Food is the main energy source for both exercise and maintaining body temperature, it is important to eat often and wisely when hiking, particularly on extended or physically demanding trips. Hiking food and its preparation also contributes significantly to morale, providing a pleasant social end to a physically hard day. Food can add considerably to the weight of your pack on overnight or multi day hikes which significantly impact your level of enjoyment. Here’s a few suggestions to help you plan your next hiking meal. You can also download my free hiking meal planner here.

Darl Bars

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Darl Bars are handmade with activated, slow roasted chickpeas, organic seeds, and fragrant spice blends. They are baked with a touch of organic brown rice syrup and macadamia oil to create a soft, melt in...

Lightweight food for hiking

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It is important to get the food equation right for long multi day hikes. Having plenty of food to eat is not only important for energy and nutritional requirements but also for morale.

Snack regularly

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Snack regularly while hiking. Small snacks often will keep your energy level up rather than waiting for a big lunch meal after you’ve emptied your body’s reserves.

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