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Ready to summit a mountain peak? Or stroll along a scenic coastline? Find the perfect trail for your next adventure – challenge yourself on a multi-day trek, bond with family on a scenic walk, or find solitude amongst hidden waterfalls and ancient rainforests. Plan your next outdoor adventure safely at Trail Hiking Australia. Start planning today!

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Welcome to the trailhead of meaningful connections. Trail Talk brings together outdoor enthusiasts from all walks (and hikes) of life to learn, explore, and inspire each other.

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Map your next epic adventure. Hike, run, ride or walk – plan your perfect route with this free online route planner, gpx viewer and editor. Be prepared, explore freely.

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Explore Aussie Hikes: Mountains, Coasts, Forests and the Outback

Are you ready to answer the call of Australia’s stunning landscapes? With Trail Hiking Australia, your dream outdoor escape easily discoverable. Explore 3,500+ amazing trails across Australia, from gentle coastal strolls to exhilarating mountain summits. Whether you’re a seasoned bushwalker or just starting out – find the best trails, plan your adventure, and enjoy your time in nature safely.

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Discover breathtaking trails: Dive into a collection of over 3,500 curated outdoor adventures, from gentle coastal strolls to exhilarating mountain summits. Use search filters to find the perfect match for your skill level, interests, and location.

Plan and prepare: Download my hiking guides, gpx files, and free packing lists set yourself up for a well-prepared and enjoyable hike. Access tips and advice from bushwalkers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts just like you.

Hike with confidence and peace of mind: Equip yourself with essential safety resources, including trip intention forms and access to detailed trail information. Remember, safety is my top priority, and I’m here to help you prepare for a positive and enjoyable experience.

Connect and share your passion: Join a vibrant online community of hikers to share stories, ask questions, and find inspiration. Learn from each other’s experiences and make new friends who share your love of the outdoors.

Start planning your unforgettable Aussie hiking experience today. With Trail Hiking Australia, you’ll have everything you need to explore with confidence, connect with nature, and create lasting memories. Get outdoors and discover the magic of Australia’s diverse landscapes today.

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