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This website has been built one guy who is passionate about the outdoors (me). I don't have the deep pockets of big business so any support you can offer is appreciated.

Welcome to Trail Hiking Australia

I am dedicated to building a community that supports getting people outdoors and into the wilderness. Trail Hiking Australia is not a commercial initiative. This site was founded as a hobby by me, Darren Edwards, in 2015 to further the development of Australian trails and to increase the awareness of hiking as a major health benefit. Trail Hiking Australia is not only a tool for discovering your next adventure, it is a site filled with resources to help you get out there and return safely. Develop new skills, learn how to be prepared and remain safe while navigating the trail. Find out more about hiking gear, read my latest blog posts and gear reviews, and download my awesome hiking eBooks. Contribute to the Trail Talk Forum, read trip reportsjoin a hike and become an active member of this fun and rewarding community.

Trail Hiking Australia is not a commercial initiative. It is a not-for-profit, community project, developed by one guy. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.

Sharing site content via social media is encouraged. If you are a commercial operator, a member of a club, an online group, blogger or commercial website and wish to use any information from this site, my eBooks or printed publications you are required to first seek written permission from the copyright owner and should ensure that you always clearly credit the copyright owner for the material being reproduced using the following text. Source: Darren Edwards -