How to use site features

There are lot of cool features on Trail Hiking Australia to improve your hiking experience. Even though these features should be self explanatory and fairly intuitive, this page explains how to use site features.

Find a hike – Filtered search

The filtered search is accessed via the ‘Find a hike‘ button on the home page or footer on all site pages. Filtered search allows you to pan and zoom around a map of Australia to find hikes you are interested in. As you pan and zoom, the cards below the map are dynamically updated to show more information on the hikes you see on the map.

You can even use the search filters to narrow your search by filtering by state, park, length, duration, style and grade. The options available in these filters are dynamically updated to reflect what is shown on the map as well as other filters selected.

Near me – Location-based search

Near me, does exactly what you would expect. Shows a selection of hikes near you. The search radius has been set to 30km from your current location.

This is a great feature to use on your mobile device while you are travelling as it with accurately triangulate your position. If you are using this feature while connected to wifi, either on your desktop or mobile, the results can sometimes be a little off as your IP address us used to locate you. I’ve found it to be accurate 95% of the time, but not always.

Adding hikes to favourites and custom lists

When on a hike details page, your will find three badges in the header, just above the main content. The badge on the left, ‘add to list’, allows you to create your own custom private lists. This might be hikes you have completed, day hikes you want to do with a friend, solo hikes, overnight bucket list, the choices are endless.

The ‘Favourites’ badge adds that hike to your list of favourites.

To review and manage your lists and favourites, simply visit your profile page.

Comparing hikes

The ‘compare hikes’ badge allows to to quickly compare hikes you are interested in doing. After clicking the badge, the hike overview will appear on a pop-up with a side-by-side comparison of other hikes you want to compare. You can easily delete hikes from this comparison list and share them with a friend.

Important to note the comparison list is only tied to that browser session, not your profile so if you try and access this comparison at a later date, you might find it has been wiped clean. If you do want to keep them for future reference, you can always copy the shareable link.

Trip intentions form

It’s important to tell others about your trip intentions so they can contact police if something goes wrong. Your safety is in your hands so let someone know before you go. Use this form if you’re a hiker planning a trip, or the leader of a group organising a hike.

The trip intentions form captures information that might help search and rescue teams find you in the event of an emergency. Your trip details will be sent to the relatives, friends, or trusted person that you nominate, with instructions on how to contact Police Search and Rescue if you don’t return on time.

Submitting a hike

I’d love this site to be the most comprehensive on-line resource for all Aussie adventurers. But be mindful, unlike commercial sites that have 80 of the same hike, so please check it doesn’t already exist here.

If you have a hike to share please provide as much information as you can so I can add it to the site. If you have a great pic and .gpx file this will also really help. If you don’t have all of the information, don’t stress, I will do my best to add that for you.

All new hikes can be uploaded here.

Submitting a trip report

Hiking related articles, blog posts and trip reports all help other adventurers make informed choices before heading out into the wild.

If you have a creative streak and enjoy writing, I’d love to share your experiences. You will be acknowledged for any material you provide.

All trip reports can be uploaded here.

Adding a GPX file

If you find a hike on the site (and there are many) that is missing a route map and GPX file, you can upload it via the hike detail page. Simply scroll to the section where route and GPX file should be and click the ‘upload GPX file’ button.

The file will then be emailed to me to included in the related hike. I am more than happy to credit you for including the hike on this site.

Adding hike photos

If you have any great photos from a hike and are happy to share them, you can upload them via the hike detail page. Simply scroll to the section where the gallery should be and click the ‘upload photos’ button.

Please note: Uploading photos does not transfer ownership of copyright away from you. I use a Facebook album feed to display hike photos on this site. Any photos you upload will be added to this feed. You will be credited for any photos you provide and can request they be deleted at any time.

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