Essential hiking gear

Essential hiking gear you carry and wear

When out on the trail, the gear you take is all you have to rely on until you get back home. Determine what essential hiking gear you need for your adventures. What you carry in your pack will depend on the weather, terrain, time of year, type of adventure, and personal preferences. Whether I’m going for a short walk, day-hike or multi-day adventure, my checklist always starts with the required Ten Essentials. Having trouble deciding what gear’s right for you? Check out some of my field tests and gear reviews.

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10 Ways to use a bandana hiking


You might just be surprised at how often this little hero comes to the rescue. The only limit is your imagination. Here’s 10 Ways to use a bandana hiking.

Choosing a pack for any adventure


Choose the right pack for your travel adventures. Find the right size and design for your activities. Stay organised and comfortable when exploring.

Choosing the right ultralight pack

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Choosing the right ultralight pack is crucial for embracing the challenge. Discover how to make the perfect choice and enjoy your ultralight hiking adventures.

Choosing your hiking outerwear


Choose the perfect outerwear for your outdoor adventures. Find jackets that shield you from humidity, wind, and cold. Prioritise what matters to you most.

Different types of hiking shelters


Find the perfect hiking shelter for your next adventure. Consider trail conditions, weather, personal preference, and hiking style. Check out these tips.

How to break in your hiking boots

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Learn how to break in your hiking boots for maximum comfort and performance. Follow these tips to ensure your boots are ready for your next adventure.

How to choose the best hiking stove


Buying a hiking stove can be confusing. With so many options, you can be excused for wondering how to choose the best hiking stove. What’s your favourite stove?

How to choose the right daypack

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Get the right daypack for your hiking adventures. Finding the right pack can be confusing. Identify your needs and find the perfect daypack.

How to layer clothes when hiking


Discover the art of layering clothing for ultimate comfort and protection during outdoor adventures. Maximize your comfort with each functional layer.

How to properly fit a hiking pack


Learn how to properly fit a backpack for maximum comfort on your hiking adventures. Discover the key measurement for a perfect fit – your torso length.

My favourite hiking gear stores

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Here’s a collection of retailers where I’ve bough my gear. Their service and quality are excellent and I highly recommend supporting them.

Why use rubber tips on hiking poles?

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Discover the benefits of using rubber tips on hiking poles. Improve your hiking experience with added stability and protection. Don’t leave them in a drawer.

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