Hiking Gear

Essential equipment you carry and wear

When out on the trail, the hiking gear you carry is all you have to rely on until you get back to the comfort and safety of civilisation. It is up to you to determine the essential equipment you carry and wear to make your hike both safe and enjoyable. Failing to bring along the right gear may result in a miserable experience or worse. What you carry in your day pack obviously depends on the weather, terrain, time of year and a number of other factors. Whether I’m going for a short walk or a day-long hike my checklist for day hikes always starts with the required Ten Essentials. Base your gear selection on weather, terrain, remoteness of destination, as well as the experience and preferences of your group. Having trouble deciding what gear’s right for you? Check out some of my field tests and gear reviews.

Choosing a hiking pack

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Choosing the hiking right pack is essential for your outdoor adventure. It’ll be on your back every day, so needs to fit you well. Here’s some important considerations to take note of to ensure you...

Choosing a pack

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Apart from looking good, every backpack is designed for a purpose. Different designs and sizes suit different activities.Some will be cross-functional, but the real decision comes from looking at your main activity type.

Choosing a sleeping bag


No matter how you’ve spent your day outdoors, with the right sleeping bag you can recover at night. The standard sleeping bag will suit people up to 185cm tall. If that is not enough for...

Choosing a sleeping mat

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When choosing a sleeping mat, you have to consider your activity and what will be most important. A thicker mat will have a greater thermal resistance rating (it will be warmer!), but this also means...

Choosing a tent

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Your perfect tent provides you with the right weather protection and space at a low weight. This leads you to considering which weather conditions you expect and how many people you want to accommodate.

Choosing and layering Socks


Most people understand that appropriate footwear is essential for a successful outdoor experience. While choosing the right boot/shoe is carefully considered, the need for suitable socks is quite often overlooked.

Choosing your outerwear


Jackets can protect you against humidity, wind and cold. When choosing an outdoor jacket, you either put emphasis on one of those three factors, or compromise for a sufficient level of all-round protection.

Cooking Equipment for Hiking


I remember as a child, with fond memories, many camping trips where we cooked our evening meal over a bed of hot coals while camping beneath the stars. The smell, heat and crackle of the...

Cotton kills


The saying ‘cotton kills’ suggests that cotton is not an ideal clothing material for when the temperatures are low. Combining cotton and hiking in cold weather could make ‘cotton kills’ a reality for you through...

Down product care

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Down products are among the most delicate items in your pack. Over time, you come to appreciate their insulation and light weight. When cleaning down items you should be aware that down dries very slowly,...

Down vs synthetic sleeping bags

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Both types have advantages and disadvantages but to put it simply for virtually all of the outdoor activities that our customers are involved in down is the better choice and this is reflected in our...

Hiking packs


Your choice of hiking pack will depend on how often you intend to use it and how much you want to carry. Some things to consider when choosing a day pack are listed here.

Hiking shelters


Ultimately it will be the style of hike, trail conditions and personal preference that will allow to to make a decision on what kind of hiking shelter is best for you.

How to care for your pack

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Cleaning your pack is probably the last thing you’ll think about doing after a long trip, you’ll empty your pack and put it away and forget about it; but proper care will extend the life...

How to fill a pack

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When embarking on a hike or travel, never underestimate the importance of pack organisation. It can affect your centre of balance, comfort, back health if wearing for extended periods, and accessibility to items.

How to fit a pack


One of the keys to a comfortable backpack is to get a pack that is the right size for you. Your torso length (not height) is the key measurement; hip size can also be helpful.

How to layer


Layering clothing is crucial for the comfort and protection of any adventurer. Each layer has a function to maximise your comfort in the outdoors. Call it an art or call it science, when the cold...

Snowshoes for Winter Hiking

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You can try hiking in the snow wearing regular hiking boots. However, you’ll soon find that with every step, you’re sinking into the snow making progress tiring and tedious. Snowshoes will make all the difference.

Use hiking poles


Hiking poles significantly reduce the impact and cumulative fatigue on leg muscles and joints and your lower back, whether going up or down, especially when you’re carrying a load on your back.

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