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When out on the trail, the gear you carry is all you have to rely on until you get back to the comfort and safety of your home. It is up to you to determine the essential equipment you take to make your hike safe and enjoyable. Not considering the right gear may result in a miserable experience or worse. All these field test and gear reviews are based on my own experiences and represent an unbiased account of the gear I use and trust (or may never use again). I am always keen to field test new gear as it helps others make more informed decisions. If you’re a retailer or manufacturer and would like me to field-test your gear, please get in touch.

Aarn Featherlite Freedom Pack


Field test and review – Ultimately the choice of pack comes down to fit, comfort and whether it meets the users requirements, for me when I put the Featherlite Freedom on, it fits, it is...

ArmaSkin Dermal Protection Layer

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Field test and review – What I really want to say here is that If I hadn’t of been in possession of my ArmaSkin on the 120km trek when wearing my brand-spanking-new boots, I definitely...

Ascent Explore Merlot Shoe

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Field test and review – I am impressed to say that there was no wearing-in required with the Ascent Explore, they offered me comfort and protection, right out of the box. I am thrilled to...

CamelBak Fourteener 20 Pack


Field test and review – The CamelBak Fourteener 20 is a comfortable, versatile and lightweight pack (weighing in at only 1.1kg). I look forward to many more adventures with it.

COXA M18 Day Pack


Field test and review – Recently I was contacted by Summit Global, who is the Australian distributor for the COXA M18 Day Pack. As you might imagine, I was somewhat excited as I agreed to...

ECCO Exostrike GTX

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Field test and review – What a great looking boot that I am more than happy to wear off the trail. They come in a range of colours so if black is not your thing,...

Fitbit® Surge™


Field test and review – If you enjoy moderate hikes and don’t often head into the deepest wideness areas and are looking for a wrist worn activity tracker that doubles as a GPS will then...

Fjällräven Keb Trousers


Field test and review – Fjällräven market the Keb Trousers as ‘technically advanced trekking trousers with optimised fit and carefully planned details. Intended for alpine trekking that requires climbing’. Check out my review.

Grivel G1 Plus Ice Axe

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The Grivel G1 Ice Axe features a traditional design to give you everything you need in a hiking/mountaineering axe without compromising strength or performance.

Hammock Bliss Sky Bed Bug Free


Field test and review – Overall, I found that the hammock felt sturdy, was quick and easy to hang, comfortable to sleep in, had plenty of room, adequate storage for my smaller gear and was...

Helinox Chair Zero


Field test and review – I am a huge fan of the new Helinox Chair Zero. A huge fan! It is my chair of choice for any pack carry or multi-day adventure.

Helinox FL135 Hiking Poles


Field test and review – From my experiences to date, the build quality seems excellent all around. They are comfortable, very light weight (for their size), extremely durable, and completely adjustable in all the right...

Helinox Ground Chair


Field test and review – Comfort while hiking and camping is worth a few grams as the Helinox Ground Chair takes outdoor comfort to a new level of lightweight portability.

Jetboil Flash Java Kit


Field test and review – Overall the Jetboil Flash met all of my expectations and preformed the way they said it would. I would highly recommend this stove to anyone.

Kathmandu Alopex GORE-TEX® PRO

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Field test and review – For the rest of the journey via Lobuje to Gorak Shep the conditions did not relent. It was -50 but it certainly didn’t feel that cold as we progressed under...

Nemo Tensor Ultralight Sleeping Pad


Field test and review – The Nemo Tensor™ Ultralight Insulated Mummy Sleeping Pad is one the lightest pads on the market and provided me with a comfortable and silent sleep with the pad insulating well...

Osprey Aether AG™ 70


Field test and review – I am quite impressed with the features and benefits of the Osprey Aether AG™ 70 and encourage you to check one out in-store before making your next overnight pack purchase.

Outdoor Research Arete Gloves™

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Field test and review – Outdoor Research best sellers, the Arete Gloves are among the most versatile alpine gloves available, offering grip, dexterity and waterproof protection for extended backcountry adventures.

Panda Child Carrier


Field test and review – Panda Child Carrier. Designed for the harsh sun conditions we’re used to here and are suitable for kids from seven months to four years old.

Quechua MH100 Hiking Fleece

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Field test and review – I was recently sent a Quechua MH100 Hiking Fleece to field test and are most impressed by this warm, light weight, 100% eco-friendly and affordable mid-layer.

Salomon Sense Ride 2

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Field test and review – For now, Salomon Sense Ride 2 have become my new go-to hiking shoe for day-hikes. If the upper and tread perform well in terms of durability, Salomon has created yet...

Sawyer Mini Water Filter


Field test and review – The Mini is an effective, small, lightweight, and versatile water filter that won’t break the bank. If that doesn’t do it for you, no filter will. I highly recommend you...

SNOWGUM VaporTEC® Ultra Jacket

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Field test and review – If you’re like me and tired of waterproof-breathable rain jackets that don’t live up to expectations, I suggest you give the SNOWGUM VaporTEC® Jacket a try.

SV Topographic Maps


Field test and review – I can say without question that our SV Topographic Map provided us with the knowledge and confidence to get-it-right the first time and not spend hours in the bush trying to...

Trekkers Wool


Field test and review – I am really pleased that I received the Trekkers Wool before this hike as it really made the entire experience a lot more enjoyable. If you hike, I highly recommend...

Zorali Recycled Venture Pants

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Field test and review – If you haven’t heard of Zorali, they are an Aussie brand committed to being a leader on the path towards a sustainable, outdoor lifestyle. I recently had the opportunity to...

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