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My name is Darren Edwards and I love the outdoors. I want to share my passion for adventure, and the gear I trust, with as many outdoor adventurers as I can. My motivation is to provide outdoor adventure seekers with the best possible advice to make their time on the trail more enjoyable.

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Facebook 16,100+ followers

Instagram 14,690+ followers

X (Twitter) 788 followers

Monthly EDM 46,550+ members

Hiking Groups 12,655+ members

All figures current as of 01 February 2024.

More about the Trail Hiking Australia community

Online engagement at continues to grow, with the 12 month period (January 2023 to January 2024) resulting in 1,524,965 page views, 1,034,800 sessions and an average of 64,365+ users per month with some months surpassing 100,000. 

The Trail Hiking Australia community is based within Australia and has a growing reach and connections across the globe. Members are avid hikers, recreational walkers, trail runners, mountain bikers, bushwalkers, multi-day hikers and long distance trekkers.

These are passionate people who view their engagement with the outdoors as a holistic lifestyle choice, more so than a basic form of recreation. They all seek a deeper connection attained through hitting the trail, to the environment, to their community and to their own bodies and minds.

The Trail Hiking Australia community is hungry for trail based information and for products that will support them in their outdoor adventures. They interact and share ideas, stories and knowledge and make firm and informed decisions when preparing to hit the trail.

My audience is currently weighted between women (49.8%) and men (50.2%) aged mainly between 18 and 54. Demographics are 18-24 (12%), 25-44yo (52%), 45-64yo (30%), and 5% over 65yo.

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