Develop your hiking skills

Are you keen to develop your hiking skills?

One thing I love most about hiking is the feeling of isolation and remoteness. Getting back to basics, away from technology, the built up world, and being able to stop and appreciate our natural environment. Anyone can hike, it really is that simple. That being said, the simplicity of putting one foot in front of the other should not be taken for granted. Mastering a few hiking skills can help to increase your confidence so you and your hiking group share the benefits of hiking and have an amazing time on the trail. I hope the following tips help you on your adventures.

A guide to hiking skill levels

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Knowing what hiking skill level you are at is important for planning your hikes. Be honest with your self-assessment and be safe on the trail.

How and when to use hiking poles


Just using poles with common sense will provide a few of these advantages, but some skill training is required to gain ALL of the available benefits.

How to lace up your hiking boots


If your hiking boots start to wear on your feet in uncomfortable ways, you’ll be glad to learn a few tips on how to lace up your hiking boots.

Setting the pace on your hikes

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Master the art of setting the pace on your hikes, ensuring a comfortable rhythm for you and your group. Set the right pace, relax and enjoy the journey.


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