Hiking safety tips: Staying safe on the trail

A guide to hike and outdoor safety

Before you hit the trail, make sure you’ve got the skills and knowledge to handle any situation that might come your way. Being well-prepared means having a solid hike safety plan in place and carrying all the necessary safety, emergency, and survival gear for any unexpected situations. Consider creating a comprehensive hike safety plan that covers everything from choosing the right route and suitable clothing to having the essential equipment, along with enough food and water for you and your hiking mates. Thorough planning allows you to gauge the group’s skills, identify potential challenges or dangers, and establish a clear course of action if any issues arise. The following outdoor safety tips provide practical measures you can take to ensure a safe return for both you and your mates after every adventure.

How to walk safe

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The underlying philosophy is that to WALK SAFE means to be armed with sufficient knowledge to avoid encountering unnecessary problems in the bush. It means to plan in advance a suitable route, clothing, equipment and...

Plan to survive your hike

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There are many specialist skills that set outdoor professionals apart from the rest of us. We don’t all have to be experts to be safe in the bush. Make sure you prepare before stepping foot...

Satellite communicators compared

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There are dozens of options for portable satellite communicators so which one is right for you? Iv’e checked out some of the most popular ones for hiking, bushwalking and trail running; the Garmin inReach, SPOT...

Start hiking early in the day

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Hike as much as possible of each day’s distance in the cool hours of morning (or evening). Summer afternoons are typically hotter in Australia and the heat will amplify your fatigue and increase your changes...

The Ten Essentials for bushwalking


The Ten Essentials are survival items that hiking and Scouting organisations recommend for safe travel in the bush. Personal preferences and differences in conditions may dictate otherwise. What are the essential items you always carry?

Think before you TREK

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NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is encouraging all park visitors planning a remote adventure or multi-day walk this year to Think Before You TREK.

Trekking at high altitude


Trekking at high altitude can be intimidating. If you have been considering one of these adventures for a while, you have probably heard all the horror stories already. Here’s some of the most common mistakes...

Using UHF radios for hiking

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UHF radios can be a valuable tool for enhancing your hiking experience and staying connected in the wilderness. It’s important to understand the limitations of UHF radios and always carry alternative means of communication.

Why carrying a torch is essential

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A torch is an essential tool for hiking safety that should not be overlooked. It provides crucial benefits such as enhanced navigation, emergency preparedness, campsite setup, wildlife awareness, and personal security.


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