Hiking safety tips: Staying safe on the trail

A guide to hike and outdoor safety

Before you hit the trail, make sure you’ve got the skills and knowledge to handle any situation that might come your way. Being well-prepared means having a solid hike safety plan in place and carrying all the necessary safety, emergency, and survival gear for any unexpected situations. Consider creating a comprehensive hike safety plan that covers everything from choosing the right route and suitable clothing to having the essential equipment, along with enough food and water for you and your hiking mates. Thorough planning allows you to gauge the group’s skills, identify potential challenges or dangers, and establish a clear course of action if any issues arise. The following outdoor safety tips provide practical measures you can take to ensure a safe return for both you and your mates after every adventure.

Conducting a hiking risk assessment

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Conducting a hiking risk assessment is crucial for identifying hazards and developing strategies to ensure a safe hiking trip. Make your next hike a safe one.


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