Walk safe: Tips for a safe hiking experience

Introduction to Walk Safe

The WALK SAFE content on the Bushwalking Victoria website was originally published by Bushwalking Victoria as a printed booklet as a general guideline for the inexperienced bushwalker, and as a reminder to the more experienced, of the best of accepted practice for safe and responsible walking in the Victorian bush. WALK SAFE is not a set of rules but basic common knowledge on which novice bushwalkers can base and build their own store of practical experience and employ common sense to ensure enjoyment and appreciation of this environmentally friendly form of recreation.

The underlying philosophy is that to WALK SAFE means to be armed with sufficient knowledge to avoid encountering unnecessary problems in the bush. It means to plan in advance a suitable route, clothing, equipment and food for your walking party. It also means to be aware of potential difficulties or hazards and the accepted courses of action when problems arise.

People’s reasons for “going bush” are as varied as the locations and terrains they frequent, but the knowledge they require in their pursuit is common. For various reasons, many of today’s Victorians lack a background of childhood or early experience of “roughing it” in the Australian bush. It is hoped that the information in this publication may encourage the uninitiated to sample some of the unique experiences offered in both day and overnight (multi-day) bushwalking.

Bushwalking Victoria advises that a bushwalking party without any experienced members should not undertake a trip in remote areas of the state, where external assistance cannot be readily attained in the event of major accident or disaster. Bushwalking Victoria stresses the advantages of learning from the experience of others and thus encourages novice walkers to join a bushwalking club.

by Bushwalking Victoria

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