Make an early start

Avoid the hottest part of of the day

It is possible to still enjoy hiking in our brutal summer weather. You just have to adjust your thinking a bit and take a few extra precautions beyond the basics. You don’t have to let high temperatures keep you off the trails.

Nobody likes waking up early, especially during the working week and even fewer people like waking up early on the weekend – but if you don’t want to go for weeks without getting your boots dirty, you’re going to have to get an early start. Not everyone likes to wake up early, and your trip doesn’t have to feel like work; just find a balance between how much sleep you need and minimizing your exposure to afternoon heat. Get organized in camp with gear to facilitate a quicker morning departure – eating breakfast and packing up doesn’t have to take two hours.

Hike as much as possible of each day’s distance in the cool hours of morning (or evening). Summer afternoons are typically hotter in Australia and the heat will amplify your fatigue and increase your changes of dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Heat exhaustion can occur when you have inadequate or unbalanced replacement of fluids caused by physical exertion during high temperatures. When the body temperature increases and is unable to cool itself properly heat exhaustion can occur. Heat exhaustion is a step above dehydration, but less severe than heat stroke. Heat exhaustion can be easily treated as long as the symptoms are noticed early and treatment administered as soon as the symptoms begin. You can read about how to treat heat exhaustion here.


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