Benefits of ultra-dry down for Hiking Gear

Ultra dry down: More hygienic with improved lifespan

In a world of technical brilliance it is remarkable that the performance of certain natural products have not been surpassed. Despite advances in modern fibre technology, down is still the best insulator warmth for weight, and is also the most durable sleeping bag insulation.

The problem with down is its vulnerability to water; moisture decreases the ability of the down to loft to its full potential and insulate, decreasing the warmth of your sleeping bag. Once down is damp or wet, it also takes a long time for it to dry out and effectively insulate again.

With the introduction of water-repellent ULTRA-DRY Down™, Sea to Summit have virtually eliminated the negative effects that moisture has on down. The ULTRA-DRY Down™ water-repellent treatment protects the down from external moisture and internal condensation.

ULTRA-DRY Down™ is a permanent* Nano-level water repellent polymer treatment applied to our high loft, high quality down. The Nano-thin treatment vastly improves our down’s reaction to water without effecting its weight or loft performance. ULTRA-DRY Down™ retains over 60% more loft and absorbs 30% less moisture when compared with untreated down. Sea to Summit sleeping bags dry out 60% faster than bags with untreated down.

The Nano-level treatment also inhibits bacterial and microbial growth, which makes Sea to Summit sleeping bags more hygienic and improves their lifespan.

Sea to Summit sleeping bags, using ULTRA-DRY Down™ in combination with our already formidable 2D- and 3D-NanoShell™ system give you the best chance of sleeping warm and dry, day in day out throughout the worst of conditions.

*No loss of treatment effect has been seen in over 14 wash cycles.

Benefits of Ultra-Dry Down

• Repels moisture
• Retains loft
• Dries faster
• Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial
• Prolongs the life of your sleeping bag

Contributed by: Sea to Summit

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