7 amazing destinations for those who love exploring

Some people go on holiday to relax in the sun. Others prefer to spend their holidays exploring, and taking on new adventure activities. Apparently, there are five types of global minds you’ll meet abroad – including the explorer, who simply loves to travel the globe, and seek out foreign shores. This type of traveller always displays a keen interest in all that is new and unknown, particularly drawn to destinations which very much differ from home.

If you’re looking to up the pace a bit on your next trip across the world, there are destinations perfect for exploration. We’ve picked seven of our favourites – check them out:

amazing destinations

1. Vietnam

Have you ever wanted to visit the largest cave on earth (by volume)? Vietnam’s Hang Son Doong Cave makes this list of spectacular natural places to see before you die. And it’s no surprise – at a total of 38.5 million cubic metres, it could accommodate a full block of skyscrapers within its massive chambers. Add Vietnam to your must-visit list soon.

amazing destinations

2. France and Switzerland

There are few more stunning trekking locations anywhere in the world than the French and Swiss Alps. Haute Route is recommended, which can be untaken on foot or by ski, depending how adventurous you’re feeling.

amazing destinations

3. Peru

Peru is home to the Inca Trail, where you can reach the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous worldwide. What better reason do you need to visit and explore for yourself?

amazing destinations

4. Australia

Of course, Australia is known as a great destination for beach lovers. But there’s plenty of adventure too – head to Tasmania and the fantastic Lake St Clair National Park. It’s not only home to the iconic cradle mountain, but the fantastic Overland track through pine forests and alpine heaths, past beautiful glacial lakes. You might be lucky enough to spot a Tasmanian devil.

amazing destinations

5. Belize

Belize makes this list because of the famous Great Blue Hole. Part of the UNESCO-protected Belize Barrier Reef, it’s a must-visit for divers. It was once part of a dry limestone cave system, but rising sea levels caused the cave to collapse and the sinkhole formed. Now, you can dive amongst the submerged stalagmites and stalactites.

amazing destinations

6. Norway

You’ve probably seen photos of Norway’s famous Pulpit Rock (if you haven’t, check out this blogger’s journey captured with great skill). It takes about two hours to hike there – which is nothing when you consider the amazing views that await you.

amazing destinations

7. Costa Rica

Last but not least, we’ve got Costa Rica. Famous for its waves, the amazing country also boasts some of the world’s best rainforest treks and waterfall climbs including popular spots like Manuel Antonio, Corcovado, Miravalles, and Carara. Keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic wildlife you won’t find in many other places – including ocelots and colourful toucans.

Where have you explored? Share your favourite destinations with us.

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