Tips for using stuff sacks

Protecting your gear and keeping it dry

Stuff sacks and dry bags can make a huge difference for your packing, organisation, and protection of your gear.

  • Mesh Stuff Sacks
  • Compression Stuff Sacks
  • Regular Stuff Sacks
  • Dry Bags
  • Heavy Duty Dry Bags

Practical uses for stuff sacks can be

  • Storing your cooking utensils
  • Storing your food
  • Storing your repair or first aid kit
  • Separating your clothes (the clean from the not-so-clean)
  • Storing your tent
  • Improvising a pillow for the night or on the plane
  • Improvising a beacon (with a sack of bright colour)
  • Not annoying others with noisy plastic bags
  • Storing your electronics
  • Storing wet clothes
  • Creating more room in your pack or bag
  • Using different coloured sacks to organise your gear

Contributed by: Mountain Designs

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