The ultimate S’mores recipes: Get ready for a treat

Are you ready for a real treat?

No camping trip is complete without toasted marshmallows around the campfire. Add a couple more ingredients and you have a mouth-watering dessert: s’mores. Taking inspiration from American campers and their favourite combinations, we’ve compiled 10 s’mores recipes and variations for your next camping trip. You’re in for a treat.

So what is this delectable dessert? A s’more is assembled in three layers, starting with a toasted marshmallow in the middle, surrounded by pieces of chocolate and biscuits on the outside. It’s basically a gooey sandwich that gives you a taste of heaven.

For a traditional s’more you’ll need:

  • Marshmallow: Any type of marshmallow (big or mini) works, just make sure you toast it well over the campfire before adding it to the middle of your s’more.
  • Chocolate: Use baking chocolate if possible as it melts quicker and easier when the roasted marshmallow is placed on top of it. Chocolate spread also works well.
  • Biscuits: For the biscuit layer, Graham Crackers are recommended when it comes to s’mores, however they are very hard to come by in Australia. Instead of America’s trusty Graham Cracker, use Digestive or Wheatmeal Biscuits, Granita Biscuits or any other plain, sweet biscuit (try the Arnott’s range).

Peanut butter S’mores

If you love peanut butter, wait until you taste a peanut butter s’more. Cover the biscuits in peanut butter before adding a square of chocolate and toasted marshmallow. When the chocolate melts and combines with the peanut butter, you’ll be in heaven.

Oreo S’mores

Switch out your plain biscuit for two Oreo biscuits and make the outside of the s’more super indulgent. You can choose to keep the chocolate layer on top of the Oreo for an extra chocolatey s’more, or omit the chocolate layer altogether and press a toasted marshmallow between the two Oreo biscuits and watch it ooze.

Jaffle S’mores

Another staple meal around the campfire is jaffles. These are like a toasted sandwich and are usually made with baked beans, cheese and tomato or some other savoury filling. If you want to go down the sweet road instead of savoury, turn your jaffle into the perfect dessert by spreading Nutella or peanut butter on two slices of bread followed by a layer of marshmallows. Once packed into the jaffle iron, place it in or above the campfire and leave for 5 minutes or until the marshmallows have melted completely and the bread is lightly toasted. Remove from the jaffle iron and devour.

Nutella S’mores

This one is for the Nutella lover in your group. Instead of layering a square of chocolate between the biscuit and toasted marshmallow, spread Nutella thickly across the biscuit before topping with the toasted marshmallow and pressing it together. The Nutella will melt quickly once the marshmallow is placed on it, so your delicious treat will be ready in no time.

S’mores on the coals

For a different approach to the classic s’more, assemble and stack your biscuit, chocolate and marshmallow layers in foil, wrap tightly and place on hot coals or around the edges of the fire. Wait for a couple of minutes for the chocolate and marshmallow to melt, collect it from the fire, unwrap and enjoy.

Donut S’mores

For something a little bit different and extra indulgent – substitute the crackers for cinnamon donuts. Cut the donuts in half and cover with your favourite chocolate spread (Nutella works well here). Flatten the marshmallows in your hand and place them on the chocolate, put the top back on and then wrap it in foil and place on the hot coals. Let bliss ensue.

Deluxe S’mores

We’re calling these deluxe s’mores because they are packed with an extra layer of goodness to take your traditional s’more to the next level. Add a layer of sliced banana, apple, thinly cut strawberry pieces or raspberries between the chocolate and toasted marshmallow layer for added flavour and texture.

Caramel kick S’mores

If you prefer caramel flavours over chocolate, substitute the chocolate layer for caramel sauce and continue as normal. Like the chocolate, the toasted marshmallow will warm up the caramel sauce so it is soft and gooey.

Unconventional S’mores

While plain, sweet biscuits are the traditional s’mores base, try experimenting with different biscuits to create a new flavour combination for your campfire s’mores. You could use chocolate coated biscuits, shortbread, chocolate chip cookies, classic ANZAC biscuits or Jatz for a burst of sweet and savoury.

Experiment with different chocolate

Milk chocolate is the traditional choice when it comes to s’mores recipes, but don’t limit yourself. Try dark chocolate, white chocolate, a fruit and nut variation or a combination and see what you like the best. There are no rules when it comes to finding the best s’more combination.

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