Snack regularly when hiking for sustained energy

Small snacks often

Snack regularly while hiking. I keep bars, dried fruit, or other snacks within reach, in the pockets of my pants or my pack’s hip-belt. Hunger is a delayed signal – it arrives only after your body’s energy reserves have become depleted. That’s not a problem when you’re lying on the couch, but if you’re walking for miles, nibble frequently to avoid letting your gas tank run low. If you notice companions – especially kids, who lack the fat reserves of adults – slowing down, getting quiet or grumpy, or with a faraway look in their eyes, that’s usually a sign they need some food.

Small snacks often will keep your energy level up rather than waiting for a big lunch meal after you’ve emptied your body’s reserves.

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  1. I experienced this hiking the Larapinta trail during the high pass through to Stanley chasm section – recognized the signs to late, and was Bonked …. Recovered overnight fine and was then more diligent when it came to snacking, particularly when climbing.

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