Grade 5 trails are suitable for highly experienced self-reliant hikers with specialised skills, including map and compass navigation and emergency first aid. Click here for more information on the hike grading system in Australia.

The Viking Circuit (40.7km)

Homestead Gorge trail (7.5km)

Sturt’s tree walk (7km)

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail – Day 5: Kelly Hill Section (7.6km)

Martin’s to Lost Worlds Lookout (5.4km)

Howitt and Helicopter Spur (26.7km)

The Pinnacle and Devils Gap (18.3km)

Victoria Falls Lookout to Blue Gum Forest (13.8km)

Mount Cavern Trek (11.3km)

Heysen Trail (1200km)

Coal Falls (10.2km)

Mulgowan (Yappa) Aboriginal Art Site walking track (1.4km)

Killara to St Ives via Rocky Creek (6.8km)

Castle Rock (4.4km)

Western Ridge walk (6km)

Mount Solitary walking track (34km)

Springwood to Blaxland Station (13.5km)

Chandler walking track (3km)

Thorsborne Trail (32km)

Australian Alps Walking Track (655km)

Mount Nangar walking track (6km)

Sharpes Falls (5km)

Patons Hut walking track (5.4km)

Hancock Gorge (with Kermits Pool) (1.5km)

Mount Feathertop – North West Spur (22.2km)

Round Mountain Hut Walking Track (4km)

Buller Huts Trail (96km)

The Bluff via Link Track (25.7km)

Whitsunday Peak (5km)

Great North walk – Berowra Valley National Park (27km)

Clarke Gorge walking track (5km)

Bateau Bay Beach to Crackneck Beach (3.4km)

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail – Day 3: Sanderson Section (15.3km)

Mambray Creek Alligator Gorge Circuit (13.8km)

Mount Murga to Mount Nangar loop walk (16km)

Cathedral Range – Ridgeline Circuit (18.2km)

Pierces Pass Blue Gum Forest Acacia Flats to Perrys Lookdown (10.4km)

Seaham Swamp walk (0.6km)

Rodriguez Pass walking track (12km)

Loop trail (2.5km)

Thirlmere Lakes walking track (6km)

Mount Greville Track (5km)

Goorgana walking track (18km)

Frenchman Peak Walktrail (3km)

The Bluff Trail (28.1km)

Owen Brook Falls (600 m)

Showing Grade 5 (Difficult) 51-100 of 216

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