Grade 5 trails are suitable for highly experienced self-reliant hikers with specialised skills, including map and compass navigation and emergency first aid. Click here for more information on the hike grading system in Australia.

Western Arthur Range Traverse (77km)

Eastern Arthur Range Traverse (65km)

Mount Anne Circuit (35km)

Port Davey Track (70km)

Federation Peak (45km)

Piccaninny Gorge (40km)

Penguin Cradle Trail (80km)

Walshs Pyramid Walking Track (6km)

Waleka Walk (22km)

Murchison River Gorge Walk (38km)

Simpsons Gap to Ellery Creek (102km)

Standley Chasm to Ellery Creek (62km)

Standley Chasm to Hugh Gorge (32km)

Brinkley Bluff (20km)

The Gully Trail (6km)

Duwul and Durd Durd (34.5km)

Upper Yarra Walking Track (103km)

Trephina Ridgetop Walk (10km)

Grampians Peaks Trail (164km)

Burrows Waterhole to Rats Castle Track (8km)

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