Queensland: Grade 5 trails

Grade 5 (Difficult) trails are suitable for highly experienced self-reliant walkers with specialised skills including map and compass navigation and remote area first aid. Click here for more information on the hike grading system in Australia. Discover the best grade 5 trails in Queensland, Australia.

Walshs Pyramid Walking Track (6km)

Burrows Waterhole to Rats Castle Track (8km)

Ooline Creek Track (4.5km)

Carnarvon Great Walk (87km)

Mount Barney Summit Hike (17.5km)

Lower Portals Track, Mount Barney Hike (7.4km)

Mount Sorrow Ridge Trail Walk (7km)

Thorsborne Trail Walk (32km)

Whitsunday Peak Walk (5km)

Mount Greville Track (5km)

The Tombs Circuit Walk (5.8km)

Whitsunday Cairn Walk (4km)

Misty Mountains – Koolmoon Creek Track (35.5km)

Mackay Highlands Great Walk (58km)

Kahlpahlim Rock Trail Walk (10.8km)

White Rock Ridge Hike (6km)