Mount Barney Summit (17.5km)

Mount Barney National Park



8 hrs

Grade 5


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1 Review on “Mount Barney Summit (17.5km)”

Overall rating
  • Charlie Borsboom

    Love Mt Barney ?.
    5 visits in 3 months. It’s a hard/tough day but worth the effort ?!

  • Edit Marleni


  • Jen Flip Cow

    Cathie Lambert have you done this one?

  • Marion Kloos

    David Scallion… hopefully next time on the scenic rim!

  • Lisa Dermody

    Sam Dermody – an alternative?

  • If 5 stars means ‘super fuckinghard’, 5 stars it is. I’ve done Mt Bartle Frere and Mt Halifax twice each, and this was by far the hardest and way scariest. Exposed outcrops on ridges with 300m drops on both sides – i think the angels were looking after me because heavy cloud cover blanketed my views at the scariest sections and while I *knew* one false step could see me plummeting to my step, I couldn’t see more than a few metres and I could delude myself that there was no deadly drop in my vicinity. Had there been a clear view of my doomawaiting me, I might have cried and begged for a helicopter. Bring ropes!!!!! the down was quite hectic too, but any slips would at most be a coule of metres and a broken bones at worst, Watch the changing vegetation – from lowland schlerophyll forest (gum trees) to conifers (native pines), mosses and ancient forest remants from the gondwanaland super continent. Hard but amazing.

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