Werribee Gorge and Falcons Rim (13.7km)

Werribee Gorge State Park



4 hrs

Grade 4



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Werribee Gorge Rim (13.7km)

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0 Reviews on “Werribee Gorge and Falcons Rim (13.7km)”

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  • Muriel Pepper

    A very busy area!

    1. Just came back from there yesterday. Such an amazing place fill with all sort of different environments during the trial.

      A MUST MUST VISIT PLACE if you enjoy hiking much.

      The trail will take you first to mountain climb, heart stopping cliffs, river walk, river rope climb and much much more.

      You won’t find it in any other hiking places.

      I will definitely explore this place more in next upcoming holiday.

    2. Wen Qi

      Muriel Pepper we’ve had people started following us half way through and when asked them where are they planning to go, they just had a blanket look. Ended up giving them a map and tell them to go to the other side of the river where they were meant to be going . Definitely a bit worrying

    3. Wen Qi

      Darren Edwards part of me would like to encourage ppl to outdoors, but then the other part of me would rather not have people unprepared and get themselves into trouble or trash our parks! The problem is probably universal as I’ve seen news about tourists on tongariro crossing wearing jeans etc. more education is definitely needed and probably needs right now

    4. I completely agree. Used to be such a quiet place a few years back.

    5. Penny Mason Peetoom

      Although we only did the circuit walk which was about 8km x

    6. Penny Mason Peetoom

      Anita Mitchell already done it! Did it a few weeks ago when our friend visited from the UK. It’s beautiful x

    7. Luke Hulands

      Esra Karatay

    8. Leah Smeaton

      Gary Singh when we have holidays ?

    9. Tamara Hutch

      I call bullshit on this picture. There’s no way this is a Werribee Gorge shot!

    10. Darren Edwards

      I call the same. I just saw it and sent myself an email to update that. A glitch somewhere in my system.

    11. Louise Higgins

      I have been wanting to do this for a while.

    12. Jason Harris

      Is the picture taken there?

    13. Trail Hiking Australia

      It is a shame really, I started hiking there about 8 years ago and I could go on a weekend and be the only person there. It was the reason I went almost every weekend. Visited again recently and was shocked by the volume of people. Ironic that I escape into nature to get away from the world but seems everyone is doing the same so it is getting harder and harder to escape..

    14. Kylie Crawford

      Louise Higgins Sharon Gallagher Jo Edwards
      When can we do this walk?

    15. Darren Edwards

      Muriel Pepper sadly that represents the vast majority or people out there. Preparation is key to enjoying any hike and returning safely. I think a lot of people enjoy urban walks and when they transition into hiking in wild areas they don’t realise the preparation required. Hoping that will change over time.

    16. Anita Mitchell

      Nice one – Fir your future adventure tires, this is a great site for loads of walk options!!

    17. Darren Edwards

      Nope. Sorry about that. Must be a glitch from my site. Sent myself an email to fix that

    18. Julia Vaughan

      One day next week Simone Amos ??? Maybe skip the gym and we go straight after school drop off???

    19. Anita Mitchell

      Penny Mason Peetoom – weren’t u planning a Werribee George walk?

  • Darren Hocking

    Really amazing hike, with some fun technical bits, some good workout climbs, and magnificent scenery.

    1. Claudia Smith

      Rudi Elfrida de Beer sien jy kans vir di ene

    2. Jehangir Khan

      This was a good day and hike !

    3. Darren Edwards

      this concerns me so much. I am at a loss as to how we educate people about the dangers of heading out unprepared.

    4. Muriel Pepper

      Trail Hiking Australia many of the hikers I have come across are not equipped for this kind of walk, do not have any water or food. They just drive in from the city to go for a walk without a map and have no idea of the track.

    5. Bec Ann

      Werribee gorge is a great one take the kids on. We took a bunch of them and they loved it!!!

    6. Gary Singh

      yes please!!!

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