Find the best half day hikes around Australia. Experience our unique country at its best with half day hikes through the most iconic scenery, beautiful national parks and diverse landscapes. Some of our best walking trails may be less than two hours away.

Sturt Gorge River Trail (9.8km)

Square Rock (8.5km)

Victoria Falls to Pierces Pass (8.9km)

Forest Island to Calala (8.9km)

Loop Walk (8km)

Wallaroo Track (9.3km)

Woolpack Rocks (8km)

Organ Pipes Circuit (9.2km)

Burning Palms loop from Garawarra (8.2km)

Lerderderg Gorge via Link Tracks 1 and 2 (8.2km)

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail – Day 5: Hanson Bay Hike (8.5km)

Cascade Hut trail (10km)

Cape Woolamai Circuit (8.3km)

Bynguano Range walking track (7.5km)

Montezuma Falls (10.7km)

Watagan Headquarters to Heaton Lookout (8.1km)

Lesueur Walk Trail (8km)

Morley Walking Track (9.4km)

Poverty Point Bridge (8.8km)

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