Find the best half day hikes around Australia. Experience our unique country at its best with half day hikes through the most iconic scenery, beautiful national parks and diverse landscapes. Some of our best walking trails may be less than two hours away.

Trephina Ridgetop Walk (10km)

Turners Lookout and Chain of Ponds (12.5km)

River Torrens Linear Trail (35km)

Bugle Ridge Lake Brockie Loop (11.5km)

Mournpall Lake Loop (9.8km)

Burrows Waterhole to Rats Castle Track (8km)

Ooline Creek Track (4.5km)

Woodland Walk (8.4km)

Lake Monibeong Circuit (13.5km)

Blowholes to Cape Bridgewater Seal Colony (11km)

Mount Worth Waterfall Bower Circuit (10.2km)

Spit Bridge to Manly (Manly Scenic Walkway) (9.1km)

Taronga Zoo to Spit Bridge (10.4km)

Sphinx to Mt Kuring-gai (10.7km)

Yankee Creek (8.5km)

Mount Beckworth – Northern Section (8.5km)

Palm Jungle loop track (10km)

Chambers Circuit (9.6km)

Mount St Gwinear (8km)

Mount Lubra and Twin Peak (9km)

Couranga (9.8km)

Saltwater Creek to Bittangabee Bay (9.1km)

Dutchmans Stern Circuit (10.6km)

Solitary Kiosk Loop (9.4km)

Wareemba Ave to Thornleigh Station (8.6km)

Yuwura Yurun (10km)

Great Forest Trees Walk (8km)

Eagle View Walk (15km)

Lower Portals track, Mount Barney (7.4km)

De Burgs Bridge to Thornleigh station (9.7km)

Curra Moors Loop (9.2km)

Karloo walking track (10km)

Dead Horse Gap Track (9.8km)

Heysen Trail – Mylor to Aldgate (10.2km)

Booyong walking track (9km)

Bouddi Coastal Walk (8.1km)

Sugar Gum Lookout Hike (8km)

Barraba track (8km)

The Barossa Trail (10km)

Coimadai Creek Happy Valley Circuit (9.7km)

Staples Lookout to Mt Wondabyne loop (10.8km)

Old Great North Road – World Heritage walk (9km)

Castle Rocks walk (8.5km)

Red Cedar Falls walking track (8km)

Westside Bike Path (9km)

Perry’s Lookdown to Lockley Pylon (8.1km)

Narrow Neck trail (9.5km)

Grail Falls (8.5km)

Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty Summit (8km)

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