We exist to equip and inspire you to do what you love – from climbing the highest peak, to camping with friends, travelling the world, exploring the outdoors, staying fit, or simply getting from A to B in the urban jungle. A product bearing the Mountain Designs label represents quality, innovation and functionality crafted for the world’s adventure playground – the outdoors!

As the world’s thirst for adventure grows, Mountain Designs continues to be a cutting edge leader in the outdoor and travel industry. Over 40 years later, we’re still striving every day to provide quality, technical, multi-functional gear for all Australians – no matter their passion or level of outdoor expertise.

The depth of our product range has grown substantially and each year we improve on our products by focusing on incorporating the latest technologies.

Our unique heritage is the soul of Mountain Designs and our label the spirit.



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    1. Richelle MD got bought by Spotlight Group Holdings which also owns Anaconda. Given there was a recent product shoot in New Zealand it is expected that SGH revamps Mountain Design later this year

    2. They where supposed to be going fully online only but it hasn’t happened yet and I’m hanging out for it as I absolutely love there socks (I’m down to 3 pairs now ?) they are the best I’ve ever worn and I really need another pair of their Brass Monkey fleece pants! I lived in them last winter but I’ve lost 3 dress sizes since then and they now look awful on me!! ?

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