KEEN Launches Last Hiking Boot You’ll Buy

Most of us have been there, or maybe you’ve been lucky. You invest in a great pair of hiking boots, traverse countless trails, then bam – the sole starts to separate. It’s a frustrating moment, and often the beginning of a long search for a replacement. But what if there was a boot built to last a lifetime?

KEEN is making a bold claim with their new Targhee IV, touting it as the “last hiking boot you’ll ever buy.” Let’s dive into the features that make this boot so innovative and see if it lives up to the hype.

KEEN.FUSION: A sole-ution to delamination

The Targhee IV boasts a revolutionary construction method called KEEN.FUSION. This technology ditches traditional glues and instead uses heat and pressure to permanently bond the sole and upper of the boot together. This creates a seamless, one-piece construction that’s highly resistant to delamination, the pesky separation that plagues many boots over time.

In line with KEEN’s mission to reduce the impact its shoes have on people and the planet, KEEN put the Targhee IV to the test. In KEEN’s “Test Lab,” the Targhee IV did not break down after 1000 miles of use or after KEEN’s “pull machine” attempted to force the shoe apart. This enhanced longevity is a result of KEEN.FUSION construction, a Luftcell midsole, and an abrasion-resistant outsole that’s twice as durable as rubber.

KEEN is so confident in KEEN.FUSION that they’re backing it up with a first-of-its-kind Delamination-Free Lifetime Guarantee. Essentially, if the sole ever separates from the boot, you’ll get a replacement or store credit. That’s serious peace of mind for long-distance hikers who demand reliable footwear.

KEEN Targhee IV Hiking Boots
Built with KEEN.FUSION technology for zero sole separation.

Built for the trail, kind to the planet

Sustainability is a major selling point for the Targhee IV. KEEN hasn’t just focused on durability; they’ve incorporated several eco-friendly features:

  • Luftcell Midsole: This shock-absorbing midsole is not only comfortable but also twice as durable as traditional EVA foam.
  • Leather with a Conscience: The leather used in the Targhee IV comes from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group, ensuring responsible environmental and social practices.
  • Tough Without Toxins: The outsole is built to last and uses materials that are claimed to be twice as durable as rubber, all while being free of harmful PFAS chemicals.
  • Room-for-your-toes fit: Original Fit secures your heel with plenty of room in the forefoot for toes to splay.
  • Waterproof protection: With a KEEN.DRY waterproof, breathable membrane inside and PFASfree water repellency outside, feet stay dry in any weather.
  • Odor Control with a Clean Conscience: KEEN utilises a pesticide-free odor control treatment to keep your boots fresh without harsh chemicals.

Comfort and performance

While the innovative construction and sustainability features are impressive, a boot ultimately needs to perform on the trail. KEEN hasn’t skimped here. The Targhee IV comes in men’s and women’s specific fits and offers features like a waterproof membrane and a protective toe rand to keep your feet comfortable and protected on any adventure.

The verdict: Is the Targhee IV your forever boot?

Only time will tell if the Targhee IV lives up to its lifetime guarantee. However, the innovative KEEN.FUSION construction and focus on sustainability are a major step forward in hiking boot design. If you’re looking for a comfortable, durable, and eco-conscious boot for your next adventure, the Targhee IV is worth checking out. With seven colors to choose from, across men’s and women’s specific fits, you can find a pair that fits your style and gets you out on the trail for seasons to come.


The Targhee IV will be available for purchase starting March 2024 at and select outdoor retailers. So, check them out and hit the trail with confidence, knowing you might have just found your forever hiking companion.

Download the press release for more information. 

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  1. Well they can’t get much worse for sole separation. Partner went through 3 pairs Keen to my one pair Oboz (which incidentally are still going) before eventually admitting defeat and switching to Oboz too.

  2. I had a pair of Keen in the Otways and found they wore really well but got shredded on the blackberry and rough stuff. Have gone to a leather boot more for trekking than rocky stuff for the time being, but generally loved wearing Keens

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