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Track Closed: Is it still OK to hike?

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While some of us may still think it is OK to drive along a closed road, open a locked gate, enter a closed park or walking track, it is not! This blasé attitude places people in danger, including those who are regularly sent to perform rescues in areas that are closed.

Think before you geotag your hikes

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When you’re choosing which images to share with your world, think about what impact you may unintentionally be causing to the environment. I’ve decided what I’ll do to reduce my footprint on the places I love. It’s up to all of us to play our part so please consider what you’ll do.

7 Tips for hiking with your kids

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The outdoors can be fun and exciting, especially with your children. If you like hiking, you can share that experience with your family. However, hiking with kids takes a lot of planning and consideration.

Things to do in the Riverina


Whatever your interests, there are plenty of things to see and do in the Riverina. From camping and fishing to bushwalking and hiking, the Riverina is bursting with outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Trail access and features

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Part of the challenge when planning a hike is to understand the Trail Access and Features that relate to any given hike. When you return from a hike, don’t forget to update the conditions so that the hiking community can benefit from your recent experience.

In honour of Michael Lee

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Michael G Lee was an avid nature enthusiast, hiker, swimmer and cyclist. He claimed he had hiked up 50 mountains in his time. On the 3rd June 2018, after a loving, spiritual and adventurous life, Michael passed away peacefully.

Falls to Hotham Track impact grows


Falls to Hotham Track Impacts Grow as Parks Victoria has released its final Master Plan for the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing: a five day serviced hiking opportunity catering for ‘comfort in nature’ seekers in Victoria’s Alpine National Park. Have your Say before it is too late.

Who’s in charge?


The tourism industry is assuming control of our national parks. But neither Parks Victoria, the environment department (DELWP), or the Environment Minister appear to have any say in this process, even though they alone have clear responsibility for the park under Victorian law. So Who’s in Charge?

Cinnamon Fungus – Dieback

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Cinamon Fungus or Dieback is an exotic disease of our forests affecting over 900 species of native plants including banksias, blackboys, zamia palms, snottygobbles, emu bushes, sheoaks, hakeas, dryandras, heaths and jarrah.

7 amazing destinations for those who love exploring

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Some people go on holiday to relax in the sun. Others prefer to spend their holidays exploring, and taking on new adventure activities. Apparently, there are five types of global minds you’ll meet abroad – including the explorer, who simply loves to travel the globe, and seek out foreign shores.

Hiking with horses

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Due to the Australia’s isolation from other continents, it nurtured a wealth of unique animal and plant species. One popular endeavours to appreciate the beauty of our landscape is going on trails on horseback.

My top 5 hikes in Victoria


Victoria, Australia’s second-smallest state really packs a punch when it comes to strapping on your boots and hitting the trail. Rewards are both diverse and plentiful for the increasing number of outdoor enthusiast seeking to experience Victoria on foot.

Australian Adventure Activity Standards

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Safety standards shouldn’t change just because you cross a state border. That is why state outdoors bodies have come together to develop a single set of national standards for outdoors adventure activities. What do they mean for recreational hikers?