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One of the things I love most about hiking is the feeling or remoteness. Getting back to basics, away from the office and technology, and being able to stop and appreciate our natural environment.

Anyone who can walk can hike, it really is that simple. That being said, the simplicity of putting one foot in front of the other should not be taken for granted. A few basic hiking skills can go a long way to increasing your fitness and ensuring you and your group experience the benefits of hiking and have an amazing time on the trail.

Hiking Skills

A Guide to Hiking Skill Levels

A Guide to Hiking Skill Levels

Knowing what hiking level you are at is important for planning your hikes. Be honest with your self-assessment and be
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How to Become an Expert Hiker

How to Become an Expert Hiker

Hikes in Australia are graded 1 (easy) through 5 (difficult). How do you develop your skills to be able to
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A Beginner’s Guide To Hiking

Want to go Hiking but don't know where to start? This beginners guide to hiking can help you prepare for
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How to spot and treat heat exhaustion

Heat Exhaustion and Hiking Heat exhaustion can occur when you have inadequate or unbalanced replacement of fluids caused by physical
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Trail Etiquette

Following a few interesting experiences on the trail, I came to realise that a lot of people have either forgotten
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How to Find Water on a Hike

How to Find Water on a Hike

Regardless of where you are in the wilderness, water is your most valuable commodity. If you have a good supply
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Boulder Hopping

Boulders (or Talus) is really scree, just a lot larger version. People just tend to call smaller bits of rock
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Hiking in Hills

Hiking Uphill Maintain a natural pace and avoid making large strides. Long strides are fine on flat terrain, but when
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Hiking on Scree

Scree is bits of broken rock piled up at the base of a cliff. In the mountains, daily heating and
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River Crossing Techniques

Knowing how to cross a river is a critical hiking skill, so is knowing when not to cross. Take the
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Trail Hiking Australia Trekking at High Altitude

Trekking at High Altitude

You have probably heard horror stories of Trekking at High Altitude. To relieve some of this stress, this article is
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Stretching before, during and after a hike is often something that people overlook. Personally I am not a huge believer
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Setting the Pace

On any hike it is important to focus on setting the pace and establishing natural rhythm that suits you or the slowest
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How to Light a Campfire

Knowing how to light a campfire is an essential skill - we teach you how to do it the good
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How To Get Started In Trail Running

Whether you're fuelled by fitness or adventure, trail running is an incredibly rewarding activity. Although you might want to hit
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How To Prepare For An Alpine Climb

Alpine climbing isn't an easy task and requires resilience, determination and physical strength. Before you tackle an alpine climb, you
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The basics covered on this page should allow you to get out on the trail safely and actually enjoy the experience.

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