You don’t need much more than your own two feet to take advantage of one of South Australia’s most spectacular assets – its huge array of walking trails. And they’re as diverse as the state itself. From sparkling coast to ancient outback sites, the landscapes and vistas are ever changing, as are the challenge levels.

Curley Creek Hike (11km)

Black Swamp Circuit (7.9km)

Ridge Circuit (2.4km)

Onkeeta Circuit (10.8km)

Investigator Trail (0.8km)

Prospect Hill (0.5km)

Hissey Circuit (2.4km)

Ingalalla Falls (0.5km)

Upper Sturt Gorge River Circuit (7.6km)

Punchbowl Lookout Walk (2km)

Three Falls Grand Circuit (7.3km)

Wine Shanty Circuit (10km)

Royston Head Hike (5km)

Aldgate Valley Nature Walk (13.6km)

Yurrebilla Trail – Section 4: Norton Summit to Morialta (7.5km)

Alligator Gorge Lookout Walk (0.6km)

Inneston Historic Circuit (2km)

Hiltaba Walking Circuits (10km)

Hale Conservation Park Circuit (4km)

Mount Barker Summit Walking Trail (0.5km)

Waite & Brownhill Creek Circuit (9.5km)

Billy Goat Waterfall Hike (4.2km)

Bald Hill Hike (1km)

Skink Circuit (1.8km)

The Federation Track (3000km)

Mike Turtur Bikeway (9km)

Punchbowl Link Trail (3km)

Fourth Creek Walk (1.4km)

Lizard Rock Nature Walk (1.5km)

Honan Mint Trail (6km)

Burnside Walks – D – Beaumont Circuit (3.5km)

Platypus Waterholes Circuit (4.7km)

Rawnsley Bluff Hike and Wilpena Pound Lookout (11.3km)

Clifftop Hike (0.9km)

Bendleby Ranges Walks (5.4km)

Wirra Circuit Circuit (5km)

Aaron Creek Circuit (10km)

Gym Beach Hike (12km)

Waterfall Circuit (6.5km)

Microcarpa, Lorikeet and Valley Circuit (10.4km)

Mambray Creek Walk (3km)

Mike Green Trail (3.3km)

Mia Tappa Circuit (2.4km)

Kapunda – Taylors Run Walking Trails (1.9km)

Old Noarlunga Circuit (3.5km)

Quarry Hike (9.4km)

Morialta Falls Plateau Circuit (4.1km)

Mannum Waterfalls (3km)

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