Short walks of Australia

Search for short walks near you or anywhere in Australia. Some of the best short walks may be right near you. Most of these walks should take less than two hours to complete. Find the best short walks in Australia here.

Shoal Bay to Fingal Bay Walk (5km)

Carabeen Walk (1.8km)

Platypus Pool Walking Track (5km)

Mooraback Walking Track (500m)

Warris Chair Lookout Track (1.5km)

Belmont Lagoon Spit Walk (3.2km)

Jack Evans Walking Track (2.6km)

Nature Track (3.1km)

Mount Imlay Summit Walking Track (6km)

Diamond Head Loop Walk (4.3km)

Wattamolla Picnic Area to Wattamolla Dam Walk (1.7km)

Headland Walking Track (700m)

Leura Oval to End of Gladstone Road Walk (1.6km)

Rosewood Creek Walking Track (5.5km)

Gap Beach Walking Track (6km)

Kinchega Homestead Billabong Walk (2.3km)

Baker’s Cottage Walk (1.5km)

Conservation Hut to Breakfast Point Lookout Walk (1.9km)

Severs Beach Walk (3.2km)

Chowder Head Walk (500m)

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