Explore the natural wonders of New South Wales on walking trails and tracks in magnificent national parks, from the dazzling coast to Australia’s highest peaks to the striking outback. You’ll be amazed with the UNESCO World Heritage areas, including the Blue Mountains and the Gondwana Rainforests.

Grand Cliff Top Walk (19km)

Australia’s 16 Highest Peaks

Tomaree Costal Walk (27km)

Shoal Bay to Fingal Bay Walk (5km)

Birubi Point to One Mile Beach Walking Track (7.5km)

Brummies Lookout Loop Hike (11km)

Guthega to Charlotte Pass Walk (9km)

Carabeen Walk (1.8km)

Platypus Pool Walking Track (5km)

Mooraback Walking Track (500m)

Terrace Falls Circuit – Hazelbrook Hike (4.7km)

Lawson Waterfalls Circuit Hike (3km)

Warris Chair Lookout Track (1.5km)

Belmont Lagoon Spit Walk (3.2km)

Jack Evans Walking Track (2.6km)

Yuraygir Coastal Walk (65km)

Nature Track (3.1km)

Mount Imlay Summit Walking Track (6km)

Diamond Head Loop Walk (4.3km)

Wattamolla Picnic Area to Wattamolla Dam Walk (1.7km)

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