Multi-Day hikes of Australia

Discover the best multi day hikes in Australia. These multi-day trails will take you through the most iconic scenery, beautiful national parks and diverse landscapes.

Western Arthur Range Traverse Hike (77km)

Eastern Arthur Range Traverse Hike (65km)

Mount Anne Circuit Hike (35km)

Walls of Jerusalem: Circuit Hike (34km)

Port Davey Track (70km)

Federation Peak Hike (45km)

Penguin Cradle Trail Walk (80km)

Western Arthurs Traverse A-K Hike (67km)

Granite Beach Falls Hike (40km)

Zeehan to Strahan Road Hike (51km)

Freycinet Peninsula Circuit Hike (30km)

Three Capes Track (46km)

Frenchmans Cap Hike (46km)