The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is ready to be explored. Strap on your hiking boots, pack some sunscreen, a hat and water bottle, then head for the hills – these trails are awaiting your adventurous spirit.

Dhurrawarri Buranya Walk (4km)

Casuarina Sands to Kambah Pool (14km)

The Tharwa Sandwash Track (2km)

Cotter Catchment Lookout Track (1.7km)

Stony Creek Skyline Track (3.8km)

Settlers Track (6km)

Australian Alps Walking Track (650km)

Naas Valley to Horse Gully Hut (16km)

Sherwood Homestead from Blue Range (7.2km)

Mt Aggie (1km)

Lyrebird Trail (2km)

Uriarra Loop (3.5km)

Bendora Arboretum (5km)

Orroral Campground (1km)

Molonglo Gorge to Blue Tiles Trail (2.5km)

Booroomba Rocks (2.5km)

Gibraltar Peak (8.2km)

Honyong – Cotter Track (2.3km)

Brandy Flat (10km)

Tharwa Explorer Track (2.8km)

Grassy Creek to Boboyan Valley (20km)

The Bullen Track (4.5km)

Cascades Walk (200m)

Orroral Heritage (6km)

Old Boboyan Road (14km)

Kambah Pool to Pine Island (7km)

Smokers Trail (18km)

Glenburn Heritage Precinct (3.7km)

Shannahans Mountain (3km)

Tong’s Hole (1km)

Stockyard Spur (15km)

Hanging Rock (500m)

Pine Island to Point Hut Crossing (4km)

Orroral Valley (19km)

Shoreline Walk (4km)

Yerrabi-Boboyan Trig (4km)

Queanbeyan River Loop (19.7km)

Gudgenby Bush (5km)

Camels Hump (19km)

Stockdill Drive to Shepherds Lookout (1.2km)

Sherwood Homestead from Mountain Creek Rd (8.6km)

Uriarra Loop and Shepherd’s Lookout (6.5km)

Mt Tennent (15km)

Mount McDonald Summit Track (5.2km)

Sherwood Homestead from East-West Rd (6.4km)

Granite Tors (7km)

Square Rock Trail (10.2km)

Black Wallaby Loop Track (2.6km)

Yankee Hat (6km)

Sanctuary Loop (2.1km)

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