Find a trail ranging from 6 to 10km

Step beyond the city and explore a world of stunning trails, ranging from 6 to 10 kilometers! These mid-distance hikes offer both physical challenge and scenic rewards, perfect for seasoned hikers and first-time adventurers alike.

Birubi Point to One Mile Beach Walking Track (7.5km)

Guthega to Charlotte Pass Walk (9km)

Mount Imlay Summit Walking Track (6km)

Spit Bridge to Manly Scenic Walkway Hike (9.1km)

Taronga Zoo to Spit Bridge Hike (10.4km)

Gap Beach Walking Track (6km)

Sphinx to Mt Kuring-Gai Hike (10.7km)

Grove Creek Falls Walking Track (6km)

Palm Jungle Loop Track (10km)

Mount Gray Walking Track (7km)

Mount Bass- Winifred Falls Hike (6.7km)

McDirtys Walking Track (6km)

Couranga Hike (9.8km)

Saltwater Creek to Bittangabee Bay Hike (9.1km)

Clover Hill Trail Walk (6km)

Solitary Kiosk Loop Hike (9.4km)

Wareemba Ave to Thornleigh Station Hike (8.6km)

Yuwura Yurun Hike (10km)

Dubbo Gully to Upper Mangrove Cemetery Hike (7.2km)

River Walk (6.1km)

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