Find a trail ranging from 6 to 10km

Step beyond the city and explore a world of stunning trails, ranging from 6 to 10 kilometers! These mid-distance hikes offer both physical challenge and scenic rewards, perfect for seasoned hikers and first-time adventurers alike.

Carrow Brook Walking Track (6km)

East Rim & Wildflower Walking Tracks Hike (6.7km)

Burning Palms Loop from Garawarra Hike (8.2km)

Cascade Hut Trail Walk (10km)

Bynguano Range Walking Track (7.5km)

Little Bald Rock Walking Track (6.5km)

Watagan Headquarters to Heaton Lookout Hike (8.1km)

Perimeter Trail Walk (7.2km)

Bouddi Spur to Little Beach – Bombi Moor Hike (6.5km)

Lockleys Pylon Walking Track (7km)

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