Lerderderg Northern Circuit (28km)

Lerderderg State Park



2 days

Grade 4







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  • Lerderderg Northern Circuit Leanne Chalker


    1. Lerderderg Northern Circuit Jesse Chalker

      Leanne Chalker round 2 when you’re down here? 👀

    2. Lerderderg Northern Circuit Leanne Chalker

      yep.. overnight here we come 🐍 ⭐️ 🌙 ⛺️

  • Lerderderg Northern Circuit TJ Craig

    More overnight/two day walks around Aussie Land pls Darren! 🙏🏻👌🏻😎

  • Lerderderg Northern Circuit Trail Hiking Australia

    For anyone looking to undertake this overnight hike, it’s important to note this is is a remote and rugged area of the park. It is extremely difficult for search and rescue teams to evacuate people on foot if you become lost or injured. It is very likely that evacuation by helicopter will be required. So make sure you are well prepared, carry and PLB and let someone know before you go.

  • Lerderderg Northern Circuit Leona Xu

    Erryn Stephens

  • Lerderderg Northern Circuit Darren Edwards

    I’ve had a few people ask about overnight hikes in the Lerderderg (Vic) lately. As there’s no official ones, they are all short walks to day hikes, I did a reccie this weekend and have written up an overnighter that gives you a good taste of the remoteness, ruggedness and beauty of the Lerdy.

    Just a note, this is in one of the most remote areas of the park so good navigation skills are required. It’s not an easy hike so make sure you let someone know before you go and take a note of possible evacuation points and emergency markers.

    1. Lerderderg Northern Circuit Murky Murk

      Darren Edwards Thanks for sharing this 👍😁

    2. Lerderderg Northern Circuit Darren Edwards

      Murky Murk my pleasure. It was a fun weekend exploring this one so I could write up decent notes.

    3. Lerderderg Northern Circuit Murky Murk

      Darren Edwards Sweet 👍😁

    4. Lerderderg Northern Circuit Stuart Hislop

      Darren Edwards Thanks for posting. I’ll be sure to leave a review after I have completed the hike.

    5. Lerderderg Northern Circuit Darren Edwards

      Stuart Hislop awesome. Keen to hear what you thought of it. I certainly enjoyed it.

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Lerderderg Northern Circuit

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Lerderderg Northern Circuit

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