Snake season

From spring through to winter it is snake season in Australia and time to keep a constant eye out for our little slithery friends. When on the trail avoid hiking in areas where snakes are known to be.

Stay out of tall grass and on the trail as much as possible. If you must invade snake territory, wear long pants, ankle-high boots, or even snake-proof gaiters.

Be careful when stepping in areas where snakes could be hiding, such as under rocks or logs. If you are entering an area where you can not see your feet, kick ahead of you to give snakes enough warning and time to slither away.

Always keep your hands and feet out of areas where you are unable to see them and be careful around rocks or while picking up firewood.

Snakes can strike from a distance of half their body length. Let the snake slip away, or walk around it. When scrambling up rocky trails, watch where you put your hands, especially on sunny ledges.


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