Hacks and Tips

Hacks and Tips

Handy hiking hints

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As an experienced hiker, I’ve put together the top hiking hints for beginners so that you can get out there confidently too. It’s all about taking that first step out of your comfort zone and I promise you that you’ll be hooked.

5 Ways to lighten the load

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Are you new to overnight or multi-day hiking or an experienced adventurer who is looking at grabbing some new gear. Before you do anything read our 5 ways to lighten the load without compromising on comfort.


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Blisters are better prevented than treated, so if you feel a hot spot on your heel, cover it immediately with tape such as Leukosilk and then Leukoplast on top. Some people do this before a hike to prevent the hot spots.

Snake season

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From spring through to winter it is snake season in Australia and time to keep a constant eye out for our little slithery friends. When on the trail avoid hiking in areas where snakes are known to be.

Take baby steps

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Long strides are fine on flat terrain, but when going up or down, shorten your stride. A benefit of this technique when going downhill is that you’re less likely to slip and fall.

Carry water

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It consistently amazes me how many times I see people out for a walk or hike with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. If you run out of water, you have only a day or so to figure out a solution.

Tread carefully


That not only reduces your risk of slipping and falling, but those feet-friendly platforms act as small, natural braking mechanisms for your body, thus relieving your muscles of some of that effort.

Tread lightly


Make your own little switchbacks in the trail when going downhill. Walking straight down a slope’s fall line puts the greatest pressure on your feet, knees, and leg muscles and soft tissue in joints.