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Lerderderg Northern Circuit (28km)

East Walk and Spanish Onion Circuit (18km)

Djerriwarrh Creek Circuit (16km)

O’Briens and Byers Circuit (17.5km)

Pyrete Range Traverse (18km)

Pyrete Range Northern Loop (15.5km)

Square Bottle and Whisky Circuit (15km)

Blue Gum Loop (22km)

Hogan Track and Old River (24km)

Ruths Gully Byers Back Track (18.2km)

East Walk and Cowan Track (13.5km)

Clearwater Gully (15.4km)

Old River Circuit (16.7km)

Razorback and Ah Kow Spurs (13.5km)

Pyrites Creek Circuit (14km)

Blackwood Circuit (22.6km)

The Scenic Rim (16.1km)

Goodmans Weir Circuit (9.5km)

The Scenic Rim and River via Link 2 (16.7km)

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