Razorback, Lerderderg & Lower Chadwick Circuit Hike (13km)

Lerderderg State Park



5-6 hr

Grade 4






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Razorback, Lerderderg & Lower Chadwick Circuit Hike (13km)


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Razorback, Lerderderg & Lower Chadwick Circuit Hike (13km)

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Razorback, Lerderderg & Lower Chadwick Circuit Hike (13km)

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Razorback, Lerderderg & Lower Chadwick Circuit Hike (13km)

3 Reviews on “Razorback, Lerderderg & Lower Chadwick Circuit Hike (13km)”

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  • Yes geo tracker is an app so you could be right about its being not 100% accurate

  • Avatar of Darren Edwards Darren Edwards Trail Author

    Haha. No, it was me losing it. Gees that would have been a challenging hike for first timers. They would have been cursing me.

  • Avatar of Darren Edwards Darren Edwards Trail Author

    Thank you for sending me your GPX file. There seems to be a few places where your GPS dropped out as well as quite a few places where it appears you stopped for breaks or back-tracked. With these being so prevalent in the recording it is difficult to know what the true length should be.

    I am also assuming that Geo Tracker is an app and not a true GPS device? The Lerderderg has a lot of steep gullies where a non-dedicated GPS will often loose coverage, as shown in your file.

    I live just near the Lerderderg so I will head back out and record this again as a alleged 6km difference is too much to just brush off. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will update the length after I have completed this hike.

  • Just done the track today. It took us 8 hours and the circuit is actually almost 19km not 13 as stated here .

  • Avatar of Jo Tyson Jo Tyson

    Martin Tim training grounds aren’t they?

  • Avatar of Carolyn Bennett Carolyn Bennett


  • Avatar of Jas McMurtry Jas McMurtry

    Kathy Paquin

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