Clearwater Gully (15.4km)

Lerderderg State Park



4 hrs

Grade 4



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  • William Hagen

    I must do…i will do.

  • Hike report: A spectacular but brutal 16km (7.5 hour for me) hike along Lerderderg River and Clearwater Creek via Lerderderg Track. After four hours of picking my way along the dry beds and climbing over flood debris, I bailed halfway up Clearwater Creek by climbing a spur out of the gully after my knee started playing up. I had a choice between a very steep climb out or another 2 km of unstable rock hopping. I chose the climb.

    The gorges are wild and spectacular, worth the hard work.

    Total elevation change for the day was over 1200m. You must be fit for this walk. I used all my 3 litres of water and all my food. It was just enough, but I would have been hungry had I got stuck. I recommend a water filter on this trip.

    The two hero bits of gear for this hike were my walking pole, without which I would have taken more falls on the unstable rocks than I did, and my Swanndri, which acted as excellent protection when pushing through scrub. Long pants are a must. I would suggest strong boots with ankle support due to the unstable terrain. Mine need replacing.

  • An extremely challenging and somewhat dangerous hike. We were a small group in our late twenties that ending up taking almost 9 hours to complete the route. Extra time was required due to high water levels in the creek that we needed to cross on a few occasions. As it took far longer than expected, we spent several hours navigating in the dark with torchlight and were only able to get out thanks to pre-loading the GPX map on our phones. The lengthy walk along the creek bed was covered in mossy, slippery rocks and plenty of pools of water to try and avoid. Additionally, countless fallen trees made this extremely challenging. Even without rain for a few days, there were extremely wet and slippery conditions. The situation became extremely concerning and we were at risk of not finding the dirt road back up the mountain if not for the torches and the GPX map. Would strongly recommend allowing plenty of daylight for experienced hikers, or avoiding this hike altogether due to the dangerous conditions. May be more suitable in summer (drier, longer daylight), as this was undertaken in winter.

  • Seam Ung

    Where we diverted off the unmarked track and made our own way and I nearly fell to my death. ?? Anny Au my hero. Let me just tag you guys so you can relive that special day. Cheng Ung, Cindy Au, Alvin Vitor.

  • Robert Ian Mair

    The Sardine and Clearwater Creeks make a great walk destination. Some photos to show what it is like.

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