Find the best trails in West MacDonnell National Park

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Mount Zeil Summit Hike (20km)

Ormiston Pound & Gorge Walk (9.5km)

Serpentine Gorge to Mount Sonder Hike (92km)

Simpsons Gap to Ellery Creek Hike (102km)

Standley Chasm to Ellery Creek Hike (62km)

Ormiston Gorge to Redbank Gorge Hike (36km)

Serpentine Gorge to Ormiston Gorge Hike (43km)

Standley Chasm to Hugh Gorge Hike (32km)

Counts Point Hike (15km)

Mount Sonder Hike (16km)

Brinkley Bluff Hike (20km)

Standley Chasm High Route Loop Hike (23km)

Ellery Creek Dolomite Circuit Walk (2.5km)

Mount Gillen & the Heavitree Range Hike (11km)

Larapinta Trail Walk (223km)

Redbank Gorge Walk (2km)