Hiking skills

Hiking skills

How to hike on muddy trails

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Mud can make the trail slippery and challenging to navigate, increasing the risk of slips, falls, and injuries. However, with the right approach and techniques, you can safely hike along muddy trails.

How to become an expert hiker

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No everyone aspires to being an expert hiker. Take baby steps, don’t be afraid to ask for advice, be patient with yourself while you plan your hikes, develop your skills. Take time to refine them and practice, practice, practice. 

How to find water on a hike


Regardless of where you are in the wilderness, water is your most valuable commodity. If you don’t have water, you are going to need to find some, quick. Here are a few tips on How to Find Water on a Hike.

How to rock scramble

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Here are six basic climbing movements that will help you understand how to rock scramble. It’ll help get you up more mountains and stay safer on your hiking adventures.

How to hike on scree

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Scree trails can’t have very steep inclines so they typically run straight across or a slight rise. It is very important to remain on the trail and watch your step.

How to predict weather by the clouds

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Apart from their beauty and interest, clouds can provide a useful indication of weather conditions, both current and approaching. Being able to recongise and interpret cloud formations is a vital skill to master when hiking.

How to hike on snow


Hiking safely across snow is an essential skill for many hikers and climbers as it is not the same as hiking on terra firma. Even if you don’t aspire to climbing peaks, it is definitely worth your time to learn how to kick good steps and travel with an ice axe.

How to prepare for an alpine climb

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Alpine climbing isn’t an easy task and requires resilience, determination and physical strength. Before you tackle an alpine climb, you will need to prepare your body and mind for the challenges you will face.

How to light a campfire

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Sitting around a glowing campfire is one of the joys of camping, but with around ten per cent of bushfires caused by escaped campfires, it’s essential to follow the rules and do the right thing.

How to hike up and down hills


Many hikers have a love/hate relationship with walking uphill or downhill. It takes extra exertion, so you know it is probably doing good things for your body. The benefits make it worth the sweat, especially when you take the time to walk uphill with good technique.

How to set the pace of your hike

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On any hike it is important to focus on setting the pace and establishing natural rhythm that suits you or the slowest member of your group. Breathe smoothly, steadily and in rhythm with your pace and consider the following suggestions.