Great Walhalla Alpine Trail Walk (42km)

Baw Baw National Park



3 days

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Great Walhalla Alpine Trail Walk

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1 Review on “Great Walhalla Alpine Trail Walk (42km)”

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  • This took us 2.5 days to do one way, and we are fit (in our 30s) and reasonably experienced hikers. I can’t imagine doing the whole 82km in 3 days in the current track condition.

    The steel bridge is still out, so you must walk a bit extra to the bridge at Walhalla rd (this is reflected in the existing Alltrails route).

    The track between Thomson River and Mt Erica Rd is in a pretty poor state as of Jan 2023 – extremely overgrown, including with blackberry, and numerous fallen trees, perhaps as often as every 10-20 metres in sections. We lost the trail at one point about 1km before Tyers campground as there were 3-4 trees all fallen in a row and the most obvious path was not the way. Tyers camp was great though, it’s beautiful and we had a swim in the river below the waterfall.

    The section from Tyers to Mt Erica rd was definitely the hardest section, it was very overgrown and looked as though it doesn’t see much traffic. A machete (or better yet a chainsaw!) would have been helpful. Some of the fallen trees were huge and required some creative approaches to get over or under.

    The trail from Mt Erica carpark was well maintained and clear, and by comparison an absolute joy to hike. There were also numerous creeks running fast and fresh between the carpark and mushroom rocks – I recommend filling up in one if they are running. The water in the tank by the scout camp at mushroom rocks is dubious. The creek was running at Talbot hut, but very gently so best to fill up at one of the earlier sources near Mt Erica carpark.

    Overall I give this hike 4 stars for the section from Erica car park to Baw Baw, and 2 stars for the earlier sections.

    1. Avatar of Darren Edwards Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Thanks so much for the trail condition update. I am a bit confused about your note regarding doing to the entire 82km in the current track condition. The description of the hike says it is 42km and should take approximately 3 days. As such, the return 84km should take around 6 days (not 3 days as you indicated).

      1. Beautiful hike. We did Walhalla to Mt Baw Baw Resort. 3 days and 2 nights.

        Nice and quiet track, we only sighted one other hiking party travelling in the opposite direction.

        Notes: Day 1 started opposite the pub in Wahalla (AAWT starting point). We took the Poverty Gully track and avoided the closed bridge. 1st Night camped at Eastern Tyres. Plenty of water available at camp spot river and bonus toilet, picnic table and firepit.

        Day 2 is a tough uphill day, track has been recently cleared so we made good progress. We had lunch at picnic tables at Mt Erica carpark. Then hiked to the beautiful Talbot Hut ruins to camp for night 2 (there is water at the back of the camp). Plenty of camp spots at Mushrooms rocks as well (and a toilet at the Scout hut).

        Day 3 we hiked along AAWT path to the well signed turnoff to Mt Baw Baw resort.

        Overall a really lovely, adventurous hike, landscape and surroundings change regularly.

  • Going to try to get this one done soon.

    1. Avatar of Darren Edwards Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Nice, you’ll have to let everyone know how it goes.

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    Bucket list

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    Heather Sayer

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    Another incredible walk that we have written up in Take A Walk i Victoria’s National Parks available from

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    Mushroom rock Tracy?

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    Shani Kirby ??

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Great Walhalla Alpine Trail Walk

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