You may see rock cairns (piles of rocks) along the trail. Don’t destroy them, but don’t add to them either.

Don’t get into the habit of building cairns, tree blazes, or any other sign to mark the trail – people should be able to navigate their own route and scarring the landscape doesn’t help anyone. The authority with responsibility for managing the land will determine which markings are appropriate.


9 thoughts on “Building cairns

  1. Folks the use of the word “should” is always reason to pause and think – because “says who?” – and against what shared view ?
    The matter of cairns is interesting – a small cairn placed to help other walkers follows a HARD to follow trail has it merits. And even with the best of nav aids (maps, compass, GPS) some trails are extremely challenging to follow. I lost about an hour in fading light trying to find a trail in the Nadgee Wilderness… the next day when I retraced my steps I found a destroyed small cairn that had been placed to help people locate the faint trail ? I got out of that situation by bush bashing thorough tick-invested bush – something ones tries to avoid. So I think there is a case for small cairns placed in such circumstances. I don’t like them just being built for “decorative” purposes”… Anyway that’s imho ??

    1. Cairns are a bit different mate. There are tracks down here that i would definitely have got lost on if it werent for the cairns.
      Rock stacking for instagram though, environmental vandalism!

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