• Length: 46.8km

  • Duration: 3-4 days

  • Grade: 3-4

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Charlotte Pass or Thredbo

  • End: Charlotte Pass or Thredbo

  • Closest Town: Jindabyne

  • Location: Snowy Mountains National Park, NSW

  • Distance from state capital: 501km

  • State: NSW

  • Latitude: -36.431614

  • Longitude: 148.328677


It is very convenient that all eleven of Australia’s Eleven Highest Peaks are located within the Kosciuszko National Park and all the summits are within twelve kilometers of each other (at least as the Crow flies).

The forty six (approximate) kilometre route will take 3-4 days to complete if you average about 6 hours hiking per day.

The trail generally follows the Main Range Track and Summit Road, both popular Alpine walks in their own right. The actual summiting of many of the peaks requires detours from defined walking trails and instead cross-country hiking along unmarked or non-existent trails. However only basic map to ground navigation is required to summit each peak. Poor weather could makes things a little more challenging, so it would be wise to ensure some members of your party have more advanced navigational skills.

Peak Profiles

Mount Kosciuszko: 2228m
Mount Townsend: 2209m
Mount Twynam: 2195m
Rams Head: 2190m
Baldwin Peak: 2180m
Rams Head North: 2177m
Alice Rawson Peak: 2160m
Edwards Peak: 2160m
Byatts Camp south-west of Abbott Peak: 2159m
Abbott Peak: 2145m
Carruthers Peak: 2145m
Watsons Crag Dome: 2136m
Mt Northcote: 2131m

Getting there

The hike can begin at either Charlotte Pass or Thredbo, although starting from Charlotte Pass means the entire journey can be completed in a round-trip with the last day walking entirely downhill, while beginning from Thredbo means the last day will invariably be spent walking uphill. We therefore chose to begin our journey from Charlotte Pass and after having carried four days of food, wet-weather gear, sleeping bags, stoves, tents etc (as well as a few Easter eggs to celebrate Easter) the downhill journey on the last day was certainly much appreciated.

6 hours from Sydney
3 hours from Canberra
7 hours from Melbourne


Total distance: 46800 m
Max elevation: 2215 m
Min elevation: 1722 m
Total climbing: 1966 m
Total descent: -1966 m



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