Australia's Epic and Iconic Hikes

Australia boasts some of the world’s most magnificent and challenging walks. Pack your gear and set yourself up for these monster epic and iconic kikes.

Experience Australia at its best with an Epic and Iconic Hike through the country’s most iconic scenery, beautiful national parks and diverse landscapes. Map View Epic and Iconic Hikes allows you to use your mouse to explore the state and click the icons for more details.

Once you find a hike you can click to view more information or get directions to the trail head using Google Maps.

If you believe that another hike should be listed on this page, please let me know so I can add your epic journey.

Australia’s Epic and Iconic Hikes

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All hikes have been graded according to the Australian Walking Track Grading System, a nationally consistent system to grade the level of difficulty of the track walking experience. Read more about each Grade here.


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5 thoughts on “Australia’s Epic and Iconic Hikes

  1. The Overland Track is actually 80 km, not 65 km as stated here. The last 17 km around Lake St Clair are in many ways the toughest and also have the most spectacular rainforest vegetation.

    I finished it last Monday!

    The epic South Coast Track is also on my list for March. It is actually much longer if the Port Davey Track is included.

    The Frenchmans Cap walk (all planned for January) would be a contender for the list?

    1. Cheers Peter,

      Good point re the distance. Most people, even Parks and Wildlife Tassie, label the Overland as a 65km hike with an option to add 17km, should you choose to walk the last section around the lake. So I thought it best so stick with how the land managers promote it. Personally I think you can’t do the overland without track without doing all the side trips and the extra days into Pine Valley so technically (well at least in my mind) the trail is really well over 100km. I suppose by promoting the shortest length they can attract more people. Who knows.

      Irrespective of this, hope you had an amazing journey.

      Re Frenchmans. I agree completely and have just added this to the list. It is a stunning hike.



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