Attending Hikes

My mission is to encourage you to get outdoors and go hiking, to meet like minded people, to provide a central source of trails information and to support you in discovering your next adventure.

Members, attending hikes are asked to agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct and Risks and Waiver of Liability. These guidelines are designed to enhance members’ enjoyment of events, keep attendees safe, and preserve the natural beauty of the trail for all to enjoy.

Occasionally, I will update these guidelines. It is important that you check back occasionally to ensure you still agree to these terms and conditions.

Personal Etiquette

Always be polite, courteous and respectful of other members. No profanity or rude behaviour. Be considerate of other hikers and their experience. Bring a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Make sure you express your gratitude to your organisers and their assistants, people you carpool with, and anyone else who makes the experience possible. They are all volunteers! Pitch in yourself and help out if you can or better still, lead your own hikes.

  • Anti-social, dangerous or reckless behaviour endangering yourself or others whilst on an adventure will not be tolerated b y any member.
  • Do not discriminate on age, gender or race. We do however require you to be physically capable and aware of the risks with the activities you have RSVP’d for.
  • You are responsible for providing PPE (personal protection equipment), first-aid and other medicine. Please let the organiser know if you do suffer from any medical conditions that could effect you on the adventure (asthma, diabetes, pre-existing physical ailments etc.)

RSVP Etiquette

Events posted may be limited-attendee events. Not showing up to events or pulling out of events at the last minute prevents other members from coming along. To minimise this occurring please follow the following suggestions:

  • Members RSVP’d YES to events are obliged to change their status if they are no-longer able to attend. This should be done at least four days prior to the event so that other members have the opportunity to attend.
  • Late notice pull-outs – Many hiking events are in no-phone-coverage areas. You should SMS the event organiser, as soon as possible, if you are feeling ill or unable to attend on the day.

Hiking Etiquette

Always stay together with the hike leader and follow their directions, do not wander off and/or splinter the group. If the group is going too slow, you should slow down too. Yielding to the pace of the leader is the nature of group hiking. If the group is going too fast, let the organiser know and they will slow down and/or take more breaks. If you need to leave for an emergency let someone know so they don’t think you’re missing or lost! Yes, it has happened.

Leave No Trace Etiquette

Always practice the principles of Leave No Trace. Make sure you familiarise yourself with this outdoor ethic in detail. However, there are some main points for hiking. The first would be to never litter or leave behind anything. All garbage, even biodegradable things like food or fruit peels take a long time to decompose in our climate, they must be packed out. Do not damage or disturb wildlife, either animals or plants or your natural surroundings. Much of what you see is fragile and/or endangered and takes a long time to recover. Stay on the designated trail. Follow any additional rules required by the preserve or park you are entering.

Gear Etiquette

Always bring appropriate footwear, clothing, and supplies for each particular event. Give due consideration to the distance, duration, weather, and activity you will be pursuing. If you’re not sure, contact the organiser or other attendees. Bring extra supplies in case the event lasts longer than predicted. Bring first aid and any other equipment you might need in the event of an emergency. Bring a flashlight or headlamp to events held at night.

Hike Attendance Fees

Trail Hiking Australia is currently free to all members.

More Information

The following links will help you with Preparation, Safety, Navigation, understanding the Skills and Gear required for an enjoyable outdoor adventure. Download a free copy of my Hiking Guides for additional information.


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